2020 Samsung TVs now work with PS5 gaming in 4K120+HDR

Sony's first major system update for PS5 not only comes with new features like USB game storage and HDR/SDR matching. It also fixes a compatibility issue with HDMI 2.1-enabled Samsung TVs.    

PS5 gaming in 4K120+HDR

Ever since PlayStation 5's launch in November 2020, owners of Samsung's HDMI 2.1-equipped 2020 TVs have had to pick between 4K120 SDR or 4K60 HDR when playing PS5 games, even though it worked just fine with Xbox Series X. This week's system update for PS5 fixes the issue, according to a report by Forbes. - "I’ve tried Call Of Duty: Cold War and Dirt 5 on a Samsung Q90T since my PS5 received the new system software, and both games now play beautifully in 4K/120Hz with HDR. What’s more, for me the fix happened automatically as soon as I fired up the updated PS5 into the Samsung Q90T; I didn’t have to make any manual adjustments to the PS5’s output menus," reports Forbes.

2020 Samsung TVs now work with PS5 gaming in 4K120+HDR

The HDMI 2.1 link between PS5 and Samsung TVs now works with 4K120+HDR

The launch of HDMI 2.1 has not exactly been smooth sailing. LG's HDMI 2.1-enabled TVs also required a firmware update to play nicely with the new consoles' HDMI 2.1 ports. That update arrived in 2020 to coincide with the launch of the consoles. Also Sony had to roll out a firmware update for its first HDMI 2.1-enabled TVs to unlock 4K120. Also read: Review: PlayStation 5 Examples of PS5 games that support 120fps are Borderlands 3, Call Of Duty: Cold War, Dirt 5, Fortnite, and Devil May Cry V. Few games offer 120fps at 4K resolution but PS5 will upscale internally and output as 4K120 with HDR, which requires an HDMI 2.1 port in the TV. Sony's big system update for PS5 also included other new features as detailed here. - Source: Forbes