206.1%!Chongqing’s IC design industry sales growth in 2020 ranks first in the country

Qualcomm to acquire NUVIA

Qualcomm announced that its subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire NUVIA for approximately $1.4 billion (before changes in working capital and other adjustments). The transaction was finalized following industry practice, including regulatory approval under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976, as amended. 5G is further accelerating the convergence of mobile connectivity and computing. Qualcomm Technologies owns the leading Snapdragon technology, and the acquisition of NUVIA contributes to a further step-up in CPU performance and energy efficiency to meet next-generation 5G computing needs.

206.1%, Chongqing’s IC design industry sales growth rate in 2020 ranks first in the country

In 2020, the sales growth rate of Chongqing’s integrated circuit design industry will reach 206.1%, ranking first in the country, and 3 companies have achieved sales of over 100 million yuan; the city’s “chip” and “screen” dual-core growth rates both exceed 20% year-on-year. Hualong.com reported that the person in charge of the Electronic Information Office of the Chongqing Economic Information Commission introduced that Chongqing will focus on the four key directions of “power semiconductor chips, memory chips, analog and digital-analog hybrid chips, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things chips”, aiming at flexible Display, Micro-LED and other cutting-edge technologies, make up for the shortcomings of integrated circuit design, continue to expand the scale of wafer manufacturing, continuously improve the level of packaging and testing, encourage the upgrading of panel production line technology, make every effort to provide financial service support, pay attention to the training of relevant professionals, high Quality layout “2+N” semiconductor industry planning.

Leon Micro: The 12-inch silicon wafer project is expected to reach an annual output of 1.8 million wafers by the end of this year

When answering questions from investors on the interactive platform, Leon Micro said that the company is actively promoting the 12-inch silicon wafer project and plans to reach an annual production capacity of 1.8 million wafers by the end of December 2021. Leon Micro said that the company’s 12-inch silicon wafers can be used for the production of power chips, logic chips and memory chips, and the corresponding capacity allocation will be adjusted according to subsequent market conditions. The company’s 12-inch silicon wafers can reach the 14nm technology node level. In November 2020, Leon Micro once stated that the company’s 12-inch silicon wafer project has passed the product verification of several customers, and has achieved mass production and sales.

Increase the promotion of SOI technology, SOI International Industry Alliance joins SEMI

SEMI announced that from January 1, 2021, SOI International Industry Alliance will officially join SEMI and become a Strategic Association Partner. It is reported that SOI International Industry Alliance is a leading industry organization representing the complete value chain of SOI (Silicon On Insulator) microelectronics, headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts. Under the partnership between the two parties, the alliance and its members, as important innovation drivers, will continue to deepen the understanding of SOI technology in the entire electronics industry and promote the development and application of SOI technology.

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