3D Gerber viewer that gets ‘between the layers’

3D Gerber viewer that gets ‘between the layers’

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ZofzPCB is a free 3D Gerber viewer that allows designers to see inside the board – between the layers – to thoroughly inspect PCB layout. This means that errors in the design, which can be costly to repair, are picked up before being manufactured.

The ZofzPCB programme displays the board as a realistic 3D rendering from the project’s Gerber files that shows you how the finished board will look. It also allows full 3D navigation via mouse and keyboard controls, so any point on the board can be viewed from any angle.

Additionally it features layer on/off and peel functions that remove design layers that are in the way of certain components and a colour scheme selection that assigns different colours to each structure to differentiate them.

With IPC-365 netlist installed, a more detailed view is available that can Display component shapes, allows browsing by componentand runs automatic error checks of you Gerber-generated netlist against the IPC-365 netlist test file.