40 billion US dollars, Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM plan was forced to delay!

Zhitong Finance APP has learned that Nvidia’s $40 billion plan to buy SoftBank’s ARM to EU antitrust regulators has been delayed.

The European Commission has raised more questions than Nvidia expected, three people familiar with the matter said.

There are reports that antitrust agencies have told Nvidia that if they don’t file by the end of the month, they’ll have to wait until September, when European staff are on summer vacation. A potential delay in the deal could push it past the expected completion date of March 2022.

The potential delay comes as the deal has faced opposition from rivals and customers on antitrust grounds since it was announced. There are reports that Qualcomm (QCOM.US) will be willing to invest in ARM if the Nvidia acquisition fails.

In February, reports surfaced that Qualcomm told regulators around the world that it opposed Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM. There are also reports that companies including Google (GOOG.US) and Microsoft (MSFT.US) are also complaining to antitrust officials about the deal.

In addition, it is reported that China’s anti-monopoly agency has not formally accepted the review of the transaction. Third parties from China have been communicating their concerns about the Nvidia deal to Chinese regulators in recent months.

According to reports citing sources, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (“SAMR”) has held meetings with parties concerned about the deal.

Last week, it was rumored that Nvidia had filed a report on the ARM deal in order to gain approval from China.

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