Advanced phosphor technology LEDs deliver improved lighting quality

Advanced phosphor technology LEDs deliver improved lighting quality

Advanced phosphor technology LEDs deliver improved lighting quality

NICHIA, the LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LEDs, has announced the H6 series of LEDs which it’s claimed delivers the industry’s highest joint-boost in colour rendering and efficacy.

Implemented into NICHIA’s 3030 mid-power 757 package to start, this new family of LEDs has been designed to deliver a multi-level boost in both colour rendition and efficacy – delivering a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 while maintaining a level of efficacy seen in standard CRI 80 LEDs.

Often, lighting professionals are required to sacrifice lumen efficacy when seeking elite colour quality in LEDs. However, this LED family provides better all-round performance for those luminaires targeting environments, especially in shops, restaurants, hotels, and galleries/museum, and restroom settings where colour rendering and energy savings are important design considerations.

These solutions are particularly useful for general Illumination fixtures (such as troffers, tracks, downlights, spots, and desk lights among others) to boost the vividness of rich colored merchandise, artworks and furniture, as well as to set mood, add accents or grab attention in retail and hospitality venues.

The H6 series takes advantage of a unique red narrow band phosphor technology, among other semiconductor processes and packaging techniques, to develop LEDs which achieve a colour quality better than traditional CRI 90 LEDs with R9 content greater than 50 while maintaining an efficacy better than many CRI 80 LEDs. In fact, the 0.2W H6 series delivers a typical luminous efficacy of 200 lm/W, a 20% increase in efficacy compared to many CRI 90 LEDs available in the market.

“Generally speaking, there is usually a trade-off between achieving high lumen efficacy and a high CRI. By optimising the light spectrum, NICHIA has made a technology breakthrough to deliver both superior luminous efficacy and high CRI,” said Yuji Itsuki, General Manager of Marketing, NICHIA.

NICHIA’s H6 LED solution in a 3030 mid-power 757 package is now available in OEM quantities.