Advantech provides total solutions for transportation emergency system

Project Introduction

There have been two opinions about the safe passage of passengers through stations and have shaped station design for over 150 years. In most countries, designers assume automatic attention to safety when passengers cross or are near railroad tracks. Whether in normal or emergency situations, the design of inbound and outbound stations must ensure that passengers can enter and exit freely. Setting up emergency exits is a safety ordinance requirement in many countries or a railway sector standard. These codes regulate emergency exits, passages, stairs, escalators, but station entrances must be open to passengers. The station must have a sufficient number of entrances to handle the traffic flow on both sides, and the cost of each entrance must be considered. For example, each entrance must have a ticket window, and the establishment and management of the ticket window is a non-negligible operating cost.

Advantech provides total solutions for transportation emergency system

In addition to this, the way the door opens is a very critical factor. At Paris train station in 1918, panic over air raids drove people into the underground station in great numbers. The chaos killed 66 people at the station entrance. The reason for the confusion is that the entrance door can only open outwards. As a result of this traumatic experience, it became mandatory that the door be opened in both directions.

system requirement

The Dutch company Thales Hengelo has developed Gateline Emergency Units (GEU’s) for the Dutch railway system from a safety point of view. The GEUs system automatically opens all doors in the event of a fire or other emergency.

The GEU is a dedicated computer connected to the railway fire alarm system and the emergency button system, when both systems are alarmed, all doors will open immediately. When the emergency is lifted, the central control center will continue to control all doors normally.

Thales was looking for a maintenance-free, fanless, compact industrial computer that could be installed in a 19-inch rack. At the same time, a small remote control device is required, which is placed near the door of the platform and does not cause obstacles to the door.

Project implementation

Advantech provided the ideal solution for Thales. Through 380 onboard Intel Atom N270 processor, low-power fanless design UNO-2173A embedded fanless industrial computer, connected with emergency button and alarm, and controlled it. 140 ADAM-4150 modules are connected to the computer, which can automatically open the entrance door. The entire system is compact, efficient and fanless, making it a compact and reliable industrial solution.

System Architecture Diagram

Advantech Transportation Emergency SystemOverall solution

in conclusion

To solve the 150-year-old problem, Thales developed the automation system door and implemented the solution using Advantech’s industrial automation products, which are widely used in the Dutch railway system. Thales is known for difficult radar technology systems and reliable and safe station systems. In this project, Advantech met the need to build a reliable hardware platform. In the near future, passengers will only need a regular travel card to enter the station.

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