Analysis of the market status and development prospects of the global gallium nitride industry in 2022

Related companies in the gallium nitride industry: At present, the related companies in the domestic gallium nitride industry mainly include China Resources Micro (688396), Sanan Optoelectronics (600703), Silan Micro (600460), Wingtech Technology (600745), etc.

The core data of this article: the penetration rate of the world’s major semiconductor materials, the global gallium nitride device market size, etc.

The global GaN industry is in its infancy

Gallium nitride is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula GaN, which is a compound of nitrogen and gallium. It is a direct bandgap semiconductor and has been commonly used in light-emitting diodes since 1990. The energy gap of gallium nitride is very wide, 3.4 electron volts, can be used in high-power, high-speed optoelectronic components, such as gallium nitride can be used in violet laser diodes. The third-generation semiconductor materials such as gallium nitride have an important impact on the development of many industries such as the country’s new energy vehicle industry, 5G communication industry, and consumer electronics industry. In 2020, developed countries will all raise the semiconductor technology and industry to the level of security strategy, and consider using national-level forces to carry out technology research and development, industrial chain development, raw materials, manufacturing, etc., and multi-dimensional and all-round deployment to seize the commanding heights.

Gallium nitride semiconductors can withstand stronger currents and higher voltages than silicon semiconductors. These advantages have led to intensive research and development of gallium nitride for use in next-generation power semiconductor devices, for vehicles and other applications. However, from the perspective of material permeability, according to the statistics of Yole and China Electronics Standardization Institute, among the current semiconductor materials, silicon Si still has the highest permeability and occupies an absolutely important position. The permeability of Si in 2020 is about 97.85%. %, the permeability of GaN is only 0.17%, which is in its infancy. However, from the perspective of future development trends, the penetration rate of gallium nitride will continue to rise.

The gallium nitride market is growing rapidly

Gallium nitride has long been used in the production of LEDs and RF components, but is now moving towards mainstream acceptance in an increasing number of power switching and conversion applications. Here, GaN-based ICs can meet the demands of improving system performance and efficiency, saving space, and operating reliably at higher temperatures. From the perspective of changes in the scale of the global gallium nitride (GaN) market, according to Market and Market statistics, the global gallium nitride device market will gradually expand from 2018 to 2020, and the global gallium nitride device market will reach $18.4 billion in 2020. , a year-on-year increase of 28.67%.

Optoelectronic GaN devices are the main product type

At present, the main classifications of global gallium nitride devices are optoelectronic gallium nitride devices, radio frequency gallium nitride devices and power gallium nitride devices. From the perspective of market segments, the global optoelectronic gallium nitride device has the highest market application, accounting for 65.22%; followed by radio frequency gallium nitride devices, with a market share of about 29.89%; and power nitrogen The market size of gallium oxide devices is the smallest, only 4.89%.

The industry has good technology and market prospects

——Countries around the world start a wave of gallium nitride research

In terms of technological development prospects, in the future, gallium nitride semiconductors will still be the key direction of scientific and technological research in major countries in the world. During the period of 2020-2021, countries around the world have carried out R&D and production projects for third-generation semiconductor materials such as gallium nitride. For example, the British government is supporting Compound Semiconductor Centre and Newport Wafer Fab (Newport Wafer Fab) to develop a 200mm gallium nitride. Power transistor foundry process, so it is expected that the global gallium nitride industry will usher in a period of rapid technological development in the future.

——Downstream demand continues to promote market expansion

In terms of market prospects, gallium nitride is a new type of semiconductor material for the development of microelectronic devices and optoelectronic devices. It has broad prospects in optoelectronics, lasers, high-temperature high-power devices and high-frequency microwave devices. As various countries attach importance to the third-generation semiconductor materials, the gallium nitride semiconductor material market has developed rapidly. With reference to the growth rate of Market and Market, Yole and other institutions, it is estimated that the global gallium nitride component market will grow to 42.3 billion US dollars by 2026, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 13.5%.

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