And through the round window. . .

And through the round window. . .

Suitable for indoor and harsh environments as well as more unusual designs for indoor displays, the FLR-0959MLV0PCFA1  is a series of round displays by FutureLabs which are now available from Relec Electronics.

And through the round window. . .

The 9.5-inch TFT and PCAP (projected capacitive) displays have an active Display area of 240mm. Resolution is 1540 x 1540 with 1000 CD/M2 brightness.

They can be used in challenging outdoor applications, such as high ambient lighting areas in marine sonar and radar systems. The wide operating temperature range of -30 to +85°C makes them suitable for distinctive display panels in automotive and industrial applications.

Relec can supply the round TFT display with RockTouch’s PCAP touch panels and I2C digital control. PCAP touch panels can be used for retail, advertising and information systems in public transportation, museums, building receptions and other municipal areas, where they are durable while offering a responsive touch input for ease of accessibility.

They are designed for ease of integration by the end-user and there are options for a bespoke display, for example customised cover glass graphics, a choice of apertures for LEDs and USB ports and capacitive switches which can be fitted behind the glass.

Relec offers touch panels for applications from commercial grade to automotive and military and with noise immunity up to 50V/m, for mission-critical applications in medical, automotive and avionic markets.