Apple plans to develop photomedicine technology that can be used to treat eye diseases, even cancer?

As we all know, Apple is a high-tech company in the United States, whose main business is Electronic technology products. Apple’s medical ambitions don’t stop at adding new features to the Apple Watch or iPhone. The photomedicine technology it has developed can be used to treat eye diseases and even cancer. Apple has obtained a patent called “area photomedicine device and method”, which is extremely useful in medicine, but has only one main purpose, “a system and method for treating target tissue lesions.”

Currently, so-called superficial lesions (lesions on or near the surface of the target tissue) can be treated with light. The document lists a variety of uses for the patent, including photodynamic therapy, which works with light-sensitive drugs to kill cancer cells with light.

Apple said the light can also be used in “gynecological, digestive and thoracic surgery”, and the use is much more than that, “although the details of each use are different, the basic principle is the same.”

According to the patent document, “At present, the control of photomedicine technology is not precise enough, and it will act on the target tissue and its surrounding tissue. Its advantage is simplicity, but its clinical effect is also limited due to the large side effects.”

Apple’s plan is to develop a device that integrates different systems.

This imaging device uses medical technology to image “target tissue with lesions”; after the imaging is completed, it will be transformed into a targeting device that integrates a light source and a scanning device.

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