Application of Altai wireless transmission module and distributed acquisition module in sewage monitoring

I. Introduction
With the development of the economy, my country’s sewage discharge has become larger and larger, which has caused serious pollution of surface water, and the environmental quality has shown a trend of deteriorating. However, the water quality monitoring of pollution sources and sewage canals in all parts of the country is still at the stage of manual monitoring. , the time coverage is low, the samples lack scientificity and representativeness, and it is difficult to reflect the continuous change of enterprises and urban sewage discharge. The country and various provinces, cities and regions have increasingly attached importance to the protection of the ecological environment, and continuously strengthened the control of water pollution. However, due to the weak awareness of environmental protection and the drive of interests and many other factors, the illegal discharge of sewage and non-standard sewage discharge, resulting in serious environmental pollution. The situation occurs from time to time, so it is necessary to increase investment in monitoring and supervision to provide an effective and practical advanced monitoring system and solutions. It is extremely urgent to strengthen environmental monitoring. Establish an online wastewater monitoring system to improve water quality monitoring capabilities. Imperative. In the sewage treatment monitoring project, many of the sewage treatment monitoring systems involved must be unattended equipment or monitoring points, which are affected by factors such as terrain, climate, monitoring range, etc., and are not suitable for data transmission methods such as wired communication and wireless data transmission radio. , and they also have the shortcomings of poor mobility, high cost, poor scalability, and inconvenient equipment maintenance, while China Mobile’s GPRS network has a wide coverage, high-speed data transmission and always-on characteristics, and flexible tariff methods, so that GPRS communication can be The application in the sewage treatment monitoring system has an unparalleled cost performance advantage.
2. System structure

This system is a sewage monitoring system composed of sewage discharge monitoring points, monitoring central stations and management centers (Environmental Protection Bureau). The system can realize automatic sampling of enterprise wastewater and urban sewage, online monitoring of flow and online monitoring of main pollution factors; real-time grasp of enterprise and urban sewage discharge and total pollutant discharge, and automatic transmission of monitoring data; The water quality parameters are automatically collected, processed, stored and transmitted through remote communication, and the computer control center of the testing center station conducts data collection, sorting and comprehensive analysis; the monitoring information is transmitted to the Environmental Protection Bureau, which supervises and manages the enterprise.
Sewage discharge monitoring point
Sewage treatment monitoring points use various sensors or special instruments to collect physical and chemical parameters related to sewage treatment. Such as the operation status of sewage treatment equipment, the flow/total amount of industrial water inflow, the flow/total amount of discharged sewage, the pH value of sewage, the relative turbidity of sewage, etc. All kinds of data are transmitted from each sensor and connected GPRS1090 module to the Internet through China Mobile’s GPRS network, in the transmission monitoring center. Collect the information transmitted from monitoring points and monitoring information of other pollution sources; be responsible for the classification, screening and comprehensive analysis of monitoring information; complete the statistics, calculation and processing of data, and can automatically generate various reports; have storage, Display, record, print , statistics and other functions, and can also send relevant query commands and control information to monitoring points.
3. Conclusion
Compared with the traditional monitoring method, the system realizes the automatic extraction and random extraction of water discharge and physical and chemical parameter data, automatic extraction and monitoring of the operation of sewage treatment equipment and alarm under abnormal conditions, and automatic automatic extraction of main physical and chemical indicators of sewage discharge exceeding the standard. Alarm, automatic billing of sewage charges, automatic generation of statistical reports. At the same time, the operating cost of the system is low, the system is easy to expand, and the data interface is reserved. By configuring or changing different sensors, the atmospheric parameters and urban noise parameters are collected. The system is also suitable for atmospheric and noise monitoring, and wired MODEM, wireless data transmission radio data Compared with transmission, the system is more advanced in technology. From the perspective of economic and social benefits, illegal acts such as malicious illegal discharge of enterprises and the operation of idle sewage equipment in the past were difficult to detect, difficult to supervise, and almost helpless. This is a national problem. The system can timely detect and automatically alarm for the sneak discharge of sewage, the discharge of main physical and chemical indicators of sewage exceeding the standard, and the idle sewage treatment equipment.The cost of the system is not high, Gov does not require much investment, and the enterprise can fully afford it, which is convenient for large-scale promotion

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