Attention | The chaos in the rice circle, the fraudulent speculation, and the chaos in account operation, the official centralized rectification!

On November 16, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on the first China Internet Civilization Conference. It is reported that the first China Network Civilization Conference will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center on November 19. The theme of the conference is “Gathering Upward and Positive Forces to Build a Network Civilization”. Ten major events in the construction of network civilization in the new era will be released at the meeting. The initiative to build a network civilization.

The conference includes the opening ceremony, main forum and sub-forums. The seven sub-forums mainly focus on network content construction, online ecological governance challenges and responses, online rule of law, young people’s online civilization literacy, data and algorithms, online charity development and response to challenges, and platforms. The construction of economic integrity and other contents were launched.

Focus on rectifying five major chaos such as “reincarnation” of illegal and illegal accounts

In addition, the meeting also responded to various hot issues of network civilization. Regarding the issue of artists’ moral failure, “fan circle” chaos, account operation chaos, “three customs” issues, etc., Sheng Ronghua, deputy director of the Central Internet Information Office and deputy director of the State Internet Information Office, said that the Central Internet Information Office has implemented 8 The rectification actions in various aspects, including online historical nihilism, online navy, traffic fraud, black public relations, online entertainment and hot spot ranking chaos, etc.

While in-depth promotion of the special campaign of “Clean-up · ‘Fan Circle’ Chaos Remediation”, the Central Network Information Office has recently deployed a special rectification of Internet user account operation chaos, focusing on rectifying five chaos in account operation. . One is the illegal account “reincarnation” and “wearing the vest”, which also includes some bad actors and bad V’s accounts that have been “reincarnated” after being banned, and “wearing the vest” to make money; the second is to rectify the user account name The problem of information violations; the third is the problem of the number of fans of online big V accounts being faked; the fourth is the malicious marketing of user accounts; the fifth is the illegal sale of online game accounts to minors.

Sheng Ronghua said that the report center of the Central Cyberspace Administration of China has set up a special reporting section, focusing on reporting uncivilized phenomena on the Internet, so that behaviors that violate morality and anomie become “rat crossing the street” in cyberspace, and there is no place to stand.

More than 400,000 negative and harmful messages have been cleaned up in the rice circle

Regarding the special action of “Qinglang·’Rice Circle’ Chaos Remediation”, Sheng Ronghua introduced that since the launch of the “Qinglang·’Fan Circle’ Chaos Remediation” special action, all parties in the society have formed a joint force, and the action has been carried out solidly and effectively. The atmosphere of public opinion to resist the chaos of the online “fan circle” is stronger, the normalized “strong supervision” measures are stricter, the website platform’s consciousness of fulfilling the main responsibility has been strengthened, and a normalized working mechanism has been gradually established in practice.

Among them, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China has thoroughly cleaned up harmful information such as fans tearing and slandering each other, trolling, and rumor-mongering attacks. It has strictly dealt with a number of illegal accounts, cleaned up a number of illegal group sections, and achieved “investigation and punishment for one case.” batch, shock a batch.” At present, more than 400,000 negative and harmful messages have been cleaned up, more than 20,000 illegal accounts, more than 6,500 group owners, and more than 3,000 topics have been disbanded.

Focus on rectifying “swiping orders and speculation” in live broadcasts

Regarding the management of live broadcast delivery, Sheng Ronghua said that in the next step, the Central Network Information Office will adhere to the problem-oriented approach, strengthen key law enforcement, and focus on rectifying “scraping orders and speculation” in live broadcast delivery, poor after-sales service guarantee, and online anchor cheating. To deal with prominent problems such as misleading consumers and price gouging, actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out key investigations and strong punishments.

At the same time, the Central Network Information Office also requires key platforms for knowledge Q&A, such as Zhihu, Douban, Weibo Q&A, Wukong Q&A, Knowledge Planet, etc., to implement their main responsibilities, supervise and guide them to improve the platform content security management system, and improve users. Account management, content distribution, public reporting and other mechanisms are used to promptly clean up all kinds of illegal information and accounts. Through governance, industry chaos has been effectively curbed, and the network ecology has been effectively improved.

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