Automotive Display Shipment Sharply Recovered by the End of 2020 Hitting 43 Million

The TFT LCD shipments for automotive Monitor are reached 43.0 million with 19% QoQ growth in 4Q20 according to Omdia’s  Automotive Display Market Tracker.

TFT LCD shipments for automotive monitors dropped in 2Q20 but sharply rebounded from 3Q20. And in 4Q20, the TFT LCD shipments have 4% YoY growth from 4Q19 and shipment volumes have recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

Automotive Display Shipment Sharply Recovered by the End of 2020 Hitting 43 Million

Semiconductor shortage concerned to depress the automobile and automotive monitor Display production in 2021.

Even though the influence of COVID-19 got 2nd and 3rd wave in 2H2020, automobile production and sales has kept recovering by the strong demand of automobile as daily necessity tool in modern society. And for making up the lack of automobile production in 1H2020, TFT LCDs for automotive monitor are getting strong order from automobile and Tier 1 makers to supply for instrument cluster units and center stack displays for driving operation.

However, the pandemic of COVID-19 has affected to increase the demand of PC and TV products for staying home life including with working at home. As the result, semiconductor products including with Driver IC for TFT LCD have been allocated for PC and TV products and tight supply for automobile and automotive monitor production that had dropped the order of semiconductor in 1H2020.

In 1H2021, TFT LCD for automotive monitor display is expected strong order that higher than 2019 before pandemic of COVID-19 but concerned negative impact of semiconductor shortage for the actual TFT LCD shipment of automotive monitor in 2021.

Hiroshi Hayase, Research manager of Small Medium display and Touch Interface at Omdia, commented: “Post COVID-19, TFT LCD demand for automotive monitor will keep certainly growing with larger and wider screen to support auto-driving function for new generation’s Electric cars.

“Display makers should consider for treating long-term and stable supply of semiconductor including for driver IC supported by Automobile and Tier 1 makers.”