BOE to reportedly lead CSOT in large-size LCD panel production capacity

China-based Display manufacturer BOE Technology will lead China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) by more than 10pp in capacity share for large-size LCD panels, reports DigiTimes Research.

The development comes after the company outbid its rival to take over the control of two fabs — one 8.5G and another 8.6G from CEC-Panda LCD Technology.

BOE to reportedly lead CSOT in large-size LCD panel production capacity

As per the report, the difference in capacity is there even though CSOT has signed a deal to over the control of Samsung Display‘s 8.5G line in Suzhou, China. This is because the combined capacity of CEC-Panda’s two fabs is higher than that of Samsung’s fab.

The two fabs of CEC-Panda has a total production capacity of 12.71 million square meters for the LCD panels per year, which is higher than the capacity of 8.58 million square meters of Samsung Display’s plant in China.

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Samsung Display sold its line to CSOT because the South Korean giant is withdrawing from the LCD panels segment. On the other hand, CEC-Panda was forced to sell its two plants because of the heavy losses.

These two Chinese companies are claimed to be the only two companies out of the world’s top six LCD panel suppliers to have witnessed growth in revenue in H1 2020. With the newly-added capacity, the companies are now expected to take up the leading spot for the supply of large-size LCD panels next year.

BOE Technology held a sizeable 21.1 percent of the global large-sized panel capacity in the market, which would be further boosted by the recent acquisitions. By the end of 2021, the company is expected to hold more than a quarter of the world’s large-sized panel capacity, coming in at 28 percent.

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