Cattle!This technology enables China Beidou to achieve a 24-hour uninterrupted management mode

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center revealed on December 17 that they have completed the in-orbit test of the inter-satellite links of 24 Beidou-3 satellites. The management system realizes 24-hour uninterrupted management of the Beidou-3 satellite in orbit.

As my country’s on-orbit spacecraft management center and space measurement and control network operation management center, Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center is responsible for the operation and management of Beidou navigation satellites and inter-satellite link systems.

(Screenshot of CCTV news video)

At present, the existing ground measurement and control stations in my country cannot achieve uninterrupted measurement of global networked satellites. According to Bian Yanshan, an engineer at the center, with the help of inter-satellite link technology, all Beidou-3 satellites can be interconnected to form a space communication network with satellites as exchange nodes. As long as the ground station issues an instruction to one of the Beidou satellites, the instruction can be continuously transmitted between the satellites in the constellation. Similarly, the operation status of the satellites in orbit can be transmitted to the management center at any time through the satellites, so that the operation of the entire constellation can be kept accurate and the limited ground measurement and control resources can be saved to the greatest extent.

“At present, the center has successfully developed and deployed an inter-satellite link integrated management system, which provides important technical support for timely detection of inter-satellite link network abnormalities, and effectively improves constellation management and control capabilities and inter-satellite link management efficiency.” Bian Yanshan said. .

On November 16, with the launch of two Beidou satellites, the Beidou-3 global system completed the deployment of the core constellation. In the follow-up, Xi’an Satellite Measurement and Control Center will continue to build a large-scale constellation comprehensive management system, improve the comprehensive operation and maintenance management level of the Beidou-3 global constellation, and escort the precise and stable operation of the Beidou system.

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