China Telecom proposes three action plans to advance the development of the industrial Internet industry

Recently, at the “Yisheng Cloud Network Smart Future – 5G+ Industrial Internet Summit Forum” jointly held by China Telecom and China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Chen Zhongyue, deputy general manager of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., said that after working with more than 300 pioneer customers and strategies The practice of partners found that in the industrial Internet, network connection is the foundation, data assets are the core, and security is the key.

The ultra-low latency, ultra-high bandwidth, ultra-large capacity, edge computing and slicing capabilities of 5G promote more convenient industrial data collection, intelligent edge, and more efficient flow + exchange. Chen Zhongyue said that 5G will generate new kinetic energy for the industrial Internet. China Telecom will follow the road of digitization, networking and intelligence through 5G communication technology to promote the development of my country’s industrial Internet and digital economy.

All-round capability empowers the Industrial Internet

According to Chen Zhongyue, China Telecom’s industrial Internet capabilities mainly involve security, service and cooperation ecology, and consist of industrial platforms, industrial cloud networks and industrial connections.

Chen Zhongyue said that China Telecom has always been a leader in industrial connections. In 2015, China Telecom innovatively proposed industrial PON; in July 2017, it officially commercialized the world’s largest NB-IoT network; in the 5G era, China Telecom took the lead in launching industry applications based on 5G SA. Come, the real industrial Internet business is to be realized in the SA scenario.

In addition, China Telecom Tianyi Cloud’s centralized nodes, provincial nodes, city nodes, and edge nodes are adapted to meet diverse application scenarios according to different latency requirements. “E-Surfing Cloud will enable the Industrial Internet. In addition to providing direct cloud services, it can also provide customers with hybrid cloud networking.” Chen Zhongyue said.

At the same time, China Telecom currently has comprehensive network security capabilities, complete cloud security protection, professional data security capabilities, complete security services and comprehensive security resources, which can provide industrial Internet security systems, industrial APP security detection and Industrial situational awareness. By giving full play to all-round security advantages, the security of the industrial Internet is guaranteed.

In addition, China Telecom can provide localized professional services. According to Chen Zhongyue, China Telecom has set up more than 200 VIP exclusive service centers and more than 5,000 professional service personnel to provide butler-style services.

Open up data islands and release an open platform for industrial Internet

China Telecom Industrial Internet Open Platform is a data-enabled platform built on China Telecom’s cloud-network integration infrastructure. It will help the government and enterprises to complete the construction of digital infrastructure, improve the level of digitalization, open up data islands, and drive efficient data flow. The entire manufacturing industry provides an orderly, neutral, safe and open high-quality data open platform.

According to Chen Zhongyue, the platform is independently developed and operated by China Telecom. It provides manufacturing enterprises with data enablement (PaaS) of all elements, all value chains, and all industrial chains from three levels: industrial data collection, industrial data middle-end and industrial data application. )platform.

First, industrial intelligent acquisition can load edge applications such as different data acquisition protocol conversions according to the specific needs of customers, and map various production factors in the physical space into data in the information space safely and reliably.

Second, the industrial data center, which builds a virtual digital space in the form of a digital twin. Through data aggregation and exchange, information silos are opened up to drive the efficient flow of data; industrial knowledge is mined through big data and artificial intelligence to innovate business value.

Third, industrial data applications will bring together the industrial APPs of independent research and development, cooperative manufacturers and third-party industrial Internet platforms to jointly build a compliant, mutual trust, and win-win data interconnection ecosystem. Promote cross-industry and cross-field data integration, application and cooperation, and facilitate the construction of the digital economy.

Three action plans to promote the industrial Internet industry ecology

Chen Zhongyue said that in order to promote the development of the Industrial Internet, China Telecom has deployed three clear action plans to work with partners to accelerate the ecological construction of the Industrial Internet.

The first is to establish the China Telecom Industry Internet Innovation and Development Center. The main goal is to help the digital transformation of industrial enterprises, focusing on cloud-based IT architecture for customers, innovatively serving the internal and external networks of enterprises, providing customers with scenario-based DICT solutions based on 5G technology innovation, in-depth research on behavioral trends, and working with excellent partners to promote Chinese industry The innovative development of the Internet.

The second is to carry out the “100 million” 5G industrial Internet special service action. Take the lead in serving 100 industry benchmarking companies, 1,000 regional leading companies, and 10,000 key regulated companies. Customized consulting, planning, connection, cloud network, platform, application, and security one-stop informatization services for different stages and needs of enterprise informatization development. At the same time, taking typical industry customers as a model, promoting regional and industry experience exchange and sharing , to help more enterprises to digitally transform and upgrade.

In addition, we actively open up telecom resources and capabilities, jointly innovate with partners, and build a win-win situation with customers. Give full play to the advantages of the Industrial Internet Alliance and 5G Industry Alliance, strengthen cooperation among alliance members, and strengthen cooperation in the output of mature enterprises’ advantages and experience; Jointly innovate research and development with outstanding enterprises in the industry, establish joint laboratories, research centers, experimental verification of new technologies, and jointly apply for national, provincial and ministerial pilot demonstration projects.

Chen Zhongyue said that in the future, China Telecom will continue to open up its unique capabilities of 5G + cloud + network + edge, platform capabilities, data security management capabilities, research and development capabilities and national 5-level channel capabilities for government and enterprises. Chain partners and operators work together to jointly promote the formulation of network standards in the industrial enterprise industry, jointly draw a blueprint for 5G smart manufacturing, and actively promote the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and Chinese products to Chinese brands.
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