China Unicom and Ziguang Zhanrui released the first 5G network slicing technology eSIM version of the CPE terminal

On November 9, 2020, China Unicom and UNISOC released the world’s first 5G CPE VN007+ that supports complete 3GPP standardized network slicing and eSIM, bringing users a high-speed 5G experience and promoting the acceleration of thousands of industries into the Internet of Everything. smart society.

China Unicom and Ziguang Zhanrui released the first 5G network slicing technology eSIM version of the CPE terminal

Leading technology

VN007+ supports eSIM function and supports SA n1 frequency band

eSIM technology brings three major changes. One is the removal of the card slot, which brings freedom of terminal design. At the same time, because the chip is embedded in the device, it can comprehensively improve the waterproof and shock resistance performance. Users have the freedom to access the Internet anytime, anywhere; third, the multi-scenario eSIM makes pan-terminal access more convenient and brings more possibilities for the application of the Internet of Everything.

VN007+ also supports SA n1 frequency band, which fully reflects China Unicom’s 5G terminal R&D and innovation capabilities. China Unicom and China Telecom will jointly build and share, and will have the capability of 80MHz 5G bandwidth on the intermediate frequency 2100MHz FDD, and the 5G coverage will also be greatly improved. At the same time, the 5G FDD system will also have greater advantages in low-latency applications.

VN007+ supports full 3GPP standardized network slicing

Generally speaking, network slicing is to logically divide the operator’s network and logically isolate resources and services. Different levels of business data can be transmitted on network slices at different logical levels, so as to meet the needs of different business scenarios for network data transmission rates, Differentiated requirements in many aspects such as safety and reliability. The form of network on-demand services is the key entry point for 5G to empower thousands of industries.

China Unicom and UNISOC have completed the verification of VN007+ in the end-to-end 5G network slicing solution. After the network slicing is officially commercialized, VN007+ will greatly reduce the threshold for 5G network slicing of existing terminals, and can quickly enrich 5G application scenarios.

Diverse application scenarios

VN007+ can be carried and laid according to the actual needs of users, and can be widely used in multiple industries and life application scenarios. The networking is flexible and can meet the fast network adaptation of various scenarios.

Industry application: It can be widely used in smart factories, smart transportation, smart agriculture, smart energy, smart medical care, mobile live broadcast and other scenarios.

Small and medium-sized businesses: meet the needs of retail stores, small and medium-sized enterprises and personal Internet offices, and support multi-user, high-speed, and stable access at different locations.
Live broadcast: Meet the network requirements of the self-media team for high transmission rate, easy portability, and ease of use.
Temporary places and areas not covered by optical fibers: “Blind-blind” broadband. Major temporary hospitals, factories, scenic spots, construction sites.
Family life scene: meet the needs of home and rental groups, plug and play, and easy to install.

China Unicom and Ziguang Zhanrui join forces to promote the development of 5G terminal industry

As a Chinese national brand, UNISOC has become one of the top five 5G chip manufacturers in the world. The 5G communication technology platform “Makalu” and its first 5G baseband chip “Ivy V510” released last year have been applied to a variety of 5G terminals. superior. On the basis of the successful launch of 5G CPE by both parties, China Unicom and UNISOC will continue to strengthen cooperation, strengthen cooperation in thousands of yuan 5G mobile phones, 5G modules, pan-smart terminals, etc., promote the development of 5G terminal industry, and jointly build the Internet of Everything new era.

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