China will soon hold 70% of total LCD Panel production capacity in the world: Report

After acquiring two major LCD fabs, giants like CSOT, BOE is ready to take a leap into the LCD panel market. A report from Digitimes says China will soon outrun everyone else in the Global LCD panel production capacity.

China will soon hold 70% of total LCD Panel production capacity in the world: Report

Digitimes’ report says China will soon hold 70% of Global LCD panels production capacity. This is a huge 10% jump from the current 60% says the report citing industry sources. The report adds that China’s BOE Technology and  China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) were the frontrunners in 2020. Companies like  Innolux, Chongqing HKC, Samsung Display, LG Display. And AU Optronics (AUO) are behind them on the list.

Furthermore, the production of LCD will reportedly take the center stage more in China next year. This is after the acquisition of new fabs by BOE, and CSOT. If we recall, BOE acquired two fabs– 8.5G, and 8.6G from CEC-Panda LCD Technology as the latter suffered heavy loss. The move, which is to strengthen its already dominant LCD technology portfolio, will likely make it hold 28% of the World’s Large-sized panel capacity.

On the other hand, CSOT bought an 8.5 fab from Samsung Display as the company is withdrawing its LCD segment from China as a whole. That said, BOE has a combined production capacity of 12.71 million SqKms compared to CSOT’s 8.58 million Sqkms. Having said that, both of them were the only ones out of six sitting in Top two for the LCD-panel supplier’s list and witnessing growth in H1 2020.

Accordingly, the TV market also witnesses a boom in Global TV shipments with an improvement of 12% YoY inQ3 2020 from 2019. For North America(NA), the growth rate is about 20% YoY between January-August 2020. Demand for edutainment systems across the globe during the pandemic is the main reason for the fight back. Samsung tops the overall shipment of TVs globally and LG, TCL, HiSense, and Xiaomi complete the list.

Among them, TCL has the most interesting growth of 29% QoQ. And a whopping 57% YoY increase, shipping 7.33 million units totally in NA.

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