E Ink and RICOH Launch World’s Thinnest and Lightest Digital White Board  

E Ink Holdings, “E Ink” (8069.TW), the leading innovator of Electronic ink technology, announced that RICOH, an innovative technology and service company enabling individuals to work smarter, has revealed world’s thinnest and lightest portable digital white board, with applications across medical, construction and office settings.

The RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 is designed to connect remote sites to each other, and to main offices, to promote smarter workplaces through digitizing traditional pen-based analog operations. The ultra-portable device is useful in settings where a power source is not readily available and can be used in multiple orientations: displayed on an easel, flat on a table or hung on the wall. Updates on the boards can be seen by remote locations through WiFi usage, making meetings truly collaborative, even across distance.

E Ink and RICOH Launch World’s Thinnest and Lightest Digital White Board  

Thin, light and extremely power-efficient, the RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 is also waterproof and dust-proof. With a paper-like appearance, the device is readable in bright sunlight, making it ideal for use outdoors, for example, on a construction site. The RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 weighs about 5.9kg and is incredibly thin, at 14.5mm.

Featuring a 42-inch E Ink Carta™ digital paper Display, the RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 benefits from E Ink’s faster ink, making for a smooth handwriting experience with a Sharp, high contrast appearance. Because E Ink technology is reflective rather than light-emissive, there is no light pollution, which can be disruptive, especially in a medical setting for patient communication.

“The future of work has evolved from paper and pen to sustainable, digital technology,” said Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink Holdings. “The inherent properties of E Ink’s technology are particularly well-suited to offer sustainable digital solutions, so partnering with RICOH was a natural fit to develop the RICOH eWhiteboard 4200.”

“The RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 is a product that symbolizes Ricoh’s becoming a digital service company,” said Satoru Yamada, Manager IoT Solution Development Center, RICOH. “We have a message that we will work with EDW (Empowering Digital Workplaces) as an IoT device to change the way we work with an awareness of the workplace. We are pleased to see the results of our four years of collaborative development efforts with E Ink.”

Details of the RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 include:

  • 42-inch E Ink Carta™ electronic paper display (EPD)
  • Smooth writing feel, similar to paper
  • Ultra-thin at 14.5 mm
  • Ultra-low power, internal battery-powered operation
  • Waterproof and dust-proof, ideal for tough sites
  • First two-pen solution

The RICOH eWhiteboard 4200 is only sold in Japan.

About E Ink Holdings

E Ink Holdings Inc. (8069.TWO), based on technology from MIT’s Media Lab, has transformed and defined the eReader market, enabling a new multi-billion dollar market in less than 10 years. E Ink’s low power products are ideal for IoT applications ranging from retail, home, hospital, transportation and more, enabling customers to put displays in locations previously impossible. The Company’s corporate philosophy aims to deliver revolutionary products, user experiences and environmental benefits through advanced technology development. This vision has led to its continuous investments in the field of ePaper displays as well as expanding the use of its technologies into a number of other markets and applications including smart packaging and fashion. Its Electrophoretic Display products make it the worldwide leader for ePaper. Its Fringe Field Switching (FFS) technologies are a standard for high-end LCD displays and have been licensed to all major liquid crystal display makers in the world. Listed in Taiwan’s Taipei Exchange (TPEx) and the Luxembourg market, E Ink Holdings is now the world’s largest supplier of ePaper displays. 


RICOH is empowering digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services enabling individuals to work smarter. For more than 80 years, RICOH has been driving innovation and is a leading provider of document management solutions, IT services, communications services, commercial and industrial printing, digital cameras, and industrial systems.

Headquartered in Tokyo, RICOH Group operates in approximately 200 countries and regions. In the financial year ended March 2020, RICOH Group had worldwide sales of 2,008 billion yen (approx. 18.5 billion USD).