Foreign resistance and capacitor manufacturers increase prices by 30% overnight, domestic manufacturers announce: 7.5 billion yuan to expand production

Recently, various Electronic products are booming. Basic components such as MLCC capacitors and resistors have risen even more fiercely. Yageo Electronics has increased prices by 30% and 80% respectively. At present, electronic products that can greatly increase their prices are often dominated by foreign investment. Take advantage of the market.

Today, the domestic MLCC capacitor giant Fenghua Hi-Tech announced the expansion of production, and will invest 7.5 billion yuan to build the high-end capacitor base project in Xianghe Industrial Park. The project will be implemented in three phases.

Among them, 2,060,314,600 yuan was invested in the first phase, 3,286,365,200 yuan in the second phase, and 1,928,180,200 yuan in the third phase. Working capital is invested year by year according to production needs.

The purpose of Fenghua Hi-Tech’s huge investment is to rapidly increase the production capacity of MLCC capacitors. It is expected to rebuild the existing plant of about 25,620 square meters and build a new plant of about 163,526 square meters within 28 months, and support the construction and improvement of other public facilities, which will be increased thereafter. Monthly production capacity of 45 billion high-end MLCCs.

MLCC (Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor) capacitors are a group of capacitors. The latter, along with inductors and resistors, are the three most important passive electronic components, accounting for 90% of the entire market. Among them, the output value of MLCC resistors in 2019 exceeded $12 billion.

In the MLCC capacitor market, companies such as Japan’s Kyocera, Murata, TDK, and Taiyo Yuden ranked first, and South Korea’s Samsung, American Kemei, Taiwan’s Yageo, and Huaxinke ranked second.

Domestic companies are in the third echelon and are inferior to these foreign companies in terms of technology and production capacity. Among them, Fenghua Hi-Tech is one of the largest companies in the MLCC industry in China.

Now Fenghua Hi-Tech has invested 7.5 billion yuan to expand the production of MLCC capacitors, which is expected to help domestic manufacturers to seize more shares in the MLCC capacitor market.

Author: Xian Rui

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