FORESEE: Focus on high-end storage innovation and be an enabler of new data center infrastructure

Stimulated by the continuous increase in relevant policies and the accelerated development of the digital economy, data centers, as computing power platforms that carry storage data, transmit data, and carry new-generation digital applications such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain, have become supportive An intelligent base for “cloud, data, and wisdom” in various industries. At the same time, with the gradual implementation of application scenarios such as the Industrial Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, and autonomous driving, and the accelerated pace of digital transformation in various industries, new high requirements for data centers have become inevitable.

In the context of the “new infrastructure” era, the importance of storage systems is increasing day by day

For application scenarios such as government and enterprise smart terminals, industrial Internet of Things, and autonomous driving that are undergoing digital transformation, platform systems such as ERP, CRM, and cloud storage need to achieve uninterrupted normal operation on the basis of storing massive amounts of data, so as to ensure that The normal conduct of day-to-day business. This means that the storage system associated with the data center must have data error correction capability, data protection capability, capacity expansion capability and scalability. Therefore, storage products must also “keep with the times” to keep evolving and iterating.

Driven by innovation, FORESEE continues to provide high-quality storage solutions

FORESEE, a technology-based storage brand from Longsys, focuses on the industry storage field. Relying on long-term continuous R&D investment and technological breakthroughs, it continues to climb to the top of storage, and has successively launched enterprise-level DDR4 R-DIMM, S802 SATA SSD and other products. Among them, the enterprise-level DDR4 R-DIMM memory module adopts 2Rank 72bit architecture, and processes gold fingers with the industry’s highest standard of 30u”. In terms of performance, this product can reach 3200Mhz frequency, has CL19-19-19-19, CL22-22 -22-22 Two kinds of stable and low timing.Excellent performance, which can provide better performance and more stable experience for the data center while meeting the working requirements of the data center.

FORESEE: Focus on high-end storage innovation and be an enabler of new data center infrastructure

The S802 SATA SSD uses the original 3D TLC flash memory medium, DRAM-base, and capacitor array. Among them, the original 3D TLC flash media can make its sequential read and write speed reach 550MB/s / 500MB/s, and the random read and write speed can reach 85K/75K, which can bring high-quality performance experience to the data center; The company’s rigorous reliability test ensures that the mean time between failures of the S802 SATA SSD reaches 2 million hours. It is worth mentioning that in terms of hardware technology, the product has newly added power-off protection technology, which can continue to supply stable power supply at the moment of power failure. The cached data and key data stored in the SSD are saved in time to prevent the loss and damage of key data under abnormal conditions, and to escort the safety of data and the normal progress of work. Whether it is enterprise-level or industrial-level storage products, FORESEE has reached the mainstream level in the industry and can meet the different storage requirements of industry and consumer products.

Over the past 22 years, Longsys has developed abundant upstream and downstream resources in the supply chain by relying on its strong innovation capabilities, and has in-depth cooperation with many top semiconductor chip manufacturers. The core competitiveness of equipment and self-developed firmware has steadily improved its position in the storage market. Since the company established the FORESEE brand in 2011, it has devoted itself to the R&D and innovation of industry-level storage products. It has successively established industrial and R&D bases in Shanghai and Zhongshan, and established embedded storage (including industrial storage), industrial storage It has 4 product lines including high-level memory cards, solid-state drives and memory modules. At the same time, FORESEE fully implements the quality management system for all products in the whole line, covering five fields including “resource management process, project quality management, production quality management, supplier quality management, and customer quality management”, and strictly controls every aspect of the product life cycle. It ensures supply chain delivery for industry customers and can provide professional after-sales service.

With the improvement of “new infrastructure” and the completion of the digital transformation of various industries and fields in society, the storage system as the core of the data center will surely usher in a broader space for development. It is foreseeable that FORESEE’s strategy of driving the development of the storage industry with innovative technologies will not only provide more high-quality, stable and reliable storage solutions for the data centers of government and enterprise institutions in the professional market, but also provide more high-quality, stable and reliable storage solutions in the industrial-grade and vehicle-grade markets. shine.

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