Formula 1 planning HDR broadcast tests this year

Formula 1 introduced 4K broadcasts in 2017 and sees HDR (High Dynamic Range) as the "next stage". The first HDR broadcast tests will be conducted in 2021, the company told Motorsport.com.    

Formula 1 in HDR

You will soon have a clearer picture of Formula 1 cars racing in and out of sunlight and shadows on the racetrack. HDR cameras can capture and adapt better to the changing environment and preserve shadows and highlights in the picture on an HDR-capable TV screen. In an interview following the launch of the upgraded F1 TV platform, Formula 1 said that it sees HDR, not 8K, as the "next stage" for Formula 1 broadcasting. - "One of the things that we’re specifically looking at - you mentioned 8K - is HDR, high dynamic range, which is very effective for fast-moving objects. We will be conducting tests this year, and that for us I think is potentially the next stage of an offering," Ian Holmes, F1's director of media rights, told Motorsport.com. It is not clear if Formula 1 is planning to conduct the tests on the F1 TV streaming platform or only in partnership with traditional broadcasters such as Sky. Holmes pointed to challenges in the near term. - "We’ve also got to look at who could take it. If we had a feed tomorrow, there would be very few people who could take it. The other thing is sometimes you produce this wonderful technology, and the broadcasters have the ability , but people’s devices are not capable of taking it," he said. "But certainly for us, I think HDR is something that we’re quite excited about." Last week, Formula 1 started to roll out a major technical upgrade for F1 TV with 1080p50 streaming support. AirPlay and Chromecast support will arrive soon. Apple TV, Android TV and FireTV apps will launch later this year. - Source: Motorsport.com