four Benefits of IV Remedy During Covid-19

There’s little doubt about it, we are being pummeled with news and information on how important it is to strengthen our immune system during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Good nutrition, sleep, and exercise are paramount. Supplements are also important, however is taking oral supplements sufficient? Not all supplements are created equal- a topic for one more publish, but let’s discuss why IV remedy is among the top strategies for nutrient absorption to help the final word immune system boost!

one hundred% absorption rate

In at this time’s society with a very good majority of Americans eating a poor diet, good nutrition is critical to preventing chronic diseases and undermendacity conditions. Sadly, there is an total decline of nutrients in US soil because of the mining of soil fertility by industrial agriculture. A number of studies of historical meals composition tables show an obvious degradation in meals nutrient content over the past 70 years. A Kushi Institue evaluation of nutrient data from 1975 to 1997 discovered that the average calcium levels in 12 recent vegetables dropped 27 p.c; iron levels 37 %; vitamin A levels 21 percent, and vitamin C levels 30 percent.

Now it is more important than ever to complement vitamins to our bodies. IV therapy delivers vitamins and anti-oxidants directly to our cells. Research has shown that persons are able to acquire one hundred% absorption of vitamins by means of IV therapy, compared to an average of only 20% absorption by means of oral supplements as a result of bypassing through our digestive system.

Intravenous Vitamin C studies for COVID-19 therapy

Immunity IVs containing high-dose vitamin C (15g) have been shown to rev up the immune system with the antiviral properties of IV Vit-C. The anti-oxidant properties of IV Vit-C have yielded positive leads to addressing the cytokine storm characteristic of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) that occur within the later cycle of COVID-19 infectious disease.

A cytokine storm means a cell pathway within the immune system has been turned on leading to the overproduction of organic mediators that cause damage to the body and interfere with regular cell function. When an excess of cytokines is released, high levels of irritation in the body can happen to the point of typically becoming fatal.

Current research in China and New York City hospitals, have supported favorable results with IV Vit-C in COVID-19 treatment.


Isn’t drinking water sufficient? Well, no, not necessarily. Several research have shown that it can take up to hours for the body to fully absorb 500ml of water. This means if the body is three or four liters dehydrated (straightforward to do in an evening out of drinking or a prolonged athletic activity), it can take up six to seven hours to rehydrate via oral ingestion of fluids. Studies have shown that IV hydration remedy is highly efficient at restoring the body with electrolytes; these are vitamins and minerals comparable to calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

Staying hydrated is essential, however especially when you’re attempting to prevent getting sick. Adequate hydration ensures that our cells are working at peak condition by having enough fluids to do their job. Keeping hydrated via IV remedy might help our immune system stay healthy by giving our total body the groundwork for fighting off viruses and bacteria.


IV therapy may help naturally detoxify your body, removing dangerous free radicals that contribute to toxin buildup and impaired immune function. Immune boosting IVs are best when administered on a regular basis. Free radicals damage our body on the cellular level over time. IV remedy cannot only assist keep us from getting sick, it helps forestall long-term damage caused by free radicals by flushing them from your system. IV remedy flushes your body with fluids to assist your vital organs function, helping your liver and kidneys to do their jobs more efficiently. Just drinking fluids is commonly not adequate enough to permit your organs to rid of all the toxins that are constructed up.

In immediately’s world with the present pandemic situation and escalated stress, it may be powerful to get adequate sleep, eat the appropriate foods, and stay motivated to do anything. Individuals are often depleted in nutrients without even knowing it because they could be used to feeling rundown. IV remedy is helpful in lots of ways, regardless if we really feel depleted or not, common supplementation helps our our bodies operate more optimally. Whether or not it’s serving to with recovery from wine night time or a chronic illness – keeping a tip top immune system is important.

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