GF denies Intel’s $30 billion acquisition: will continue IPO listing

A few days ago, Intel revealed that it is preparing to acquire GF, which is the third largest wafer foundry in the world, at a price of US$30 billion (about 200 billion). This will be a major event affecting the semiconductor manufacturing pattern. However, this matter is still in the air, and now the dramatic scene is coming – the CEO of GlobalFoundries has denied that he will continue to seek IPO listing.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES CEO Tom Caulfield (Tom Caulfield) also responded to the news of Intel’s acquisition on Monday, local time, saying that the news that Intel is negotiating acquisitions is just speculation, and denying (with Intel) that there are discussions in this regard.

Caulfield said the company is currently moving forward with the IPO listing, so there will be a lot of rumors in the market.

Judging from GF’s response, they denied Intel’s $30 billion acquisition news, whether they really didn’t know it or couldn’t admit it. However, it has also been reported before that Intel’s acquisition is likely to have passed GF and negotiated with the parent company, the UAE Mubadala Investment Fund, which lost tens of billions of dollars in GF and failed to succeed. Just wanted to let go.

Intel’s $30 billion acquisition of GF will have a great impact, not only will it reshape the global foundry market, but it will also be of interest to AMD. GF is still their important long-term foundry partner, if acquired by Intel Now, the partnership will be somewhat troublesome.

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