Guo Taiming: iPhone production resumed faster than Foxconn expected, worried about weak US consumption

On Thursday, Hon Hai founder Terry Gou told reporters that the resumption of production at Foxconn’s factories in China exceeded expectations, and the supply chain and factories in Vietnam have returned to normal.

What Guo Taiming is worried about now is not that the assembly volume is not enough, but that the consumption in the US market cannot keep up. He pointed out that “the rapid recovery of production but the fact that consumers are no longer consuming … that is the key to the economic recovery”.

In the conversation, Guo Taiming also mentioned concerns about the Japanese and South Korean Electronic supply chain, as well as the price increase of memory and Display panels, but did not expand it in depth.

Last month, Foxconn’s revenue was about $7.28 billion, down 18.1 percent from a year earlier, the biggest monthly drop since March 2013.

Foxconn has previously emphasized that the impact of the epidemic on iPhone production is quite small, and its factories in Vietnam, India, Mexico and other places can make up for the gap in Chinese factories.

Guo Taiming’s remarks do not know whether Apple will not delay the new product release plan. Almost every day, there are news about the iPhone 9 and iPhone 12 being released as scheduled or delayed, which is confusing.

The picture shows the iPhone 9 folk design

Author: Wan Nan

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