High-end Philips 2021 OLED & LCD TVs to support Calman auto-calibration

The upcoming Philips OLED806, OLED856, and 9000 series LCD TVs are, for the first time for a Philips TV, Calman Ready for easier, automated picture calibration.    

Philips and Calman

TP Vision's Philips and Portrait Displays have announced a partnership to make high-end 2021 Philips TVs compatible with the Calman software suite. The TVs will be sold as 'Calman Ready'. - "Calman Ready allows consumers to effortlessly utilize Calman color calibration software for optimized color rendition and a viewing experience that is simply unrivaled," said Eric Brumm, President and CEO, Portrait Displays. "Additionally, retail partners that provide Portrait Displays Calibration as a Service (CaaS) will be able to auto-calibrate Philips TVs to their patrons. We’re excited to work together with TP Vision to bring exceptional picture quality to all."

High-end Philips 2021 OLED & LCD TVs to support Calman auto-calibration

The Calman Ready capability in 2021 Philips TVs enables direct communication between the TV and the Calman software for easier, automated picture calibration, also known as Calman AutoCal. TVs from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony are also Calman Ready. To get started a consumer needs a supported colorimeter (like X-Rite i1Display, X-Rite i1Pro or Spyder 5) and the Calman Home app. In 2019, Portrait Displays launched more affordable versions of its Calman software, tied to a specific TV maker. Portrait Displays said that its Calman software will be updated later this year to support the 2021 Philips OLED806, OLED856 and 9000 series miniLED LCD TVs.

Philips 2021 TVs with Calman support

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