How does the localization of memory chips achieve a breakthrough in productivity anxiety

At the beginning of the new year in 2020, the new crown epidemic broke out and spread to the world, seriously affecting social production and life. In this context, production and labor supply in various regions around the world are unstable, chip wafer production capacity is limited, “out of stock” and “price increase” have become the most frequently occurring keywords in the semiconductor industry. In particular, the upstream wafer foundries and packaging and testing plants are short of production capacity and price increases, spreading to the entire chip industry chain, triggering fluctuations in the global chip market, just like the cold winter air crossing the border, and the domestic memory chip industry also feels chills.

Standing at the end of the year and the New Year, the road is still difficult when looking back, but the future is gradually becoming clearer. 2020 is coming to an end. Although the market is turbulent, as the domestic epidemic is effectively controlled, the crisis ushered in a turning point. The chip industry is up, national policy support, talents, capital inflows and other series of benefits, coupled with the domestic substitution wave is promoting the rapid expansion of the scale of domestic chips, domestic chip companies also coincide with the opportunity to strive for strength, which will be a great opportunity for the further development of the localization of the chip industry. opportunity.

Organic in danger, new opportunities in the domestic market

The chip is the chassis of the train of the intelligent society and the jewel in the crown of the industrial manufacturing field. At this stage, the multiple superposition of the chip price fluctuation cycle, the 5G innovation cycle, and the domestic substitution cycle. The strong fundamentals and the continued market situation are contrary to localization. Alternatives provide opportunities.

At the beginning of the epidemic, artificial intelligence played an important role in epidemic prevention, empowering social governance, and accelerating the intelligent transformation and upgrading of life and production. 5G, big data, etc. have spawned new economic formats and brought a wealth of application innovations. Smart tablets, wearable devices, smart security, etc. continue to grow. The new technologies and new applications that remained in the “cloud” yesterday have flown into the homes of ordinary people, and blossomed in the process of social intelligence and data upgrading.

How does the localization of memory chips achieve a breakthrough in productivity anxiety

An intelligent and data-based society will promote storage requirements in related markets such as 5G communications, VR/AR, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, medical health, and data centers. In the field of storage chips, 5G’s application scenarios such as enhanced mobile bandwidth, high reliability, low latency, and massive IoT will catalyze the development of multiple fields, generating massive amounts of data, and will further expand storage requirements.

In the wave of mobile Internet and social intelligence, application innovation has given birth to new commercial formats. Whether it is industrial-grade or consumer products, intelligence and digitalization have become new windows. With the help of the epidemic, the improvement of residents’ consumption ability has promoted the explosive growth of consumer Electronic products. The demand for memory chips is strong, and the continuous development is the general trend.

The time and place are favorable, and the time is right for localized substitution

According to the research report of Guosen Securities, my country’s integrated circuit imports in 2019 were US$305.5 billion, accounting for 2.2% of 2019 GDP of 99 trillion yuan. China’s crude oil imports during the same period were US$238.7 billion, and semiconductor imports are continuing to grow. Such a huge import demand undoubtedly provides fertile soil for the localized substitution of China’s semiconductor industry.

Although there are certain fluctuations in the semiconductor market, market demand and room for growth are gradually expanding, and the growth of the chip industry is the main theme. At the same time, during the period of market differentiation and market turmoil, the domestic semiconductor market is facing the historical opportunity of global semiconductor industry transfer and national policy support, and the time is right for localization to replace!

In the semiconductor industry, especially in the field of memory chips, domestic companies have advantages in subdivided areas, and there are gaps overall. Only by facing up to the gap can the gap be narrowed. The localization of the memory chip field is like a marathon race. Choose the right track to move forward step by step in accordance with the rhythm, starting from following and not falling behind, and then to small steps and fast running to follow the rhythm to achieve and run, even not far away It is not impossible to become a leader in the future.

Compared with foreign manufacturers, domestic memory chip companies have rapid response and cost advantages. Compared with foreign manufacturers, domestic companies have low communication costs with downstream customers, fast delivery, strong service capabilities, and can quickly respond to the customized needs of downstream customers, and have the advantage of rapid response. At the same time, thanks to domestic infrastructure and a complete logistics distribution system, domestic enterprises also have outstanding advantages in transportation costs and labor costs.

In the severe international situation, the opportunities and challenges of chip localization coexist. Domestic memory chip companies represented by Hongwang ICMAX are working hard to catch up. Hongwang ICMAX integrates R&D, packaging, testing, sales and services, and provides customized services for customers in different vertical fields in multi-scenario differentiated application environments: from product selection to customized design and development, to test verification, manufacturing, etc. Provide full-stack memory chip products and solutions for different needs. At the same time, Hongwang ICMAX is equipped with a professional FAE team for professional one-to-one technical support, which can follow up customer projects at any time, solve problems in a timely and effective manner, and is committed to tailoring the best product customization solutions and high-quality products for customers. Service experience has advantages that foreign manufacturers cannot replicate.

In the semiconductor industry, the state provides comprehensive support from the top-level design to the formulation of industrial policies, and then to specific promotion links. my country has continuously introduced a number of policies to support the development of the semiconductor industry, including memory chip semiconductors, from the aspects of industrial development, research and development, fiscal and taxation investment, as well as the financial support of large national funds and local funds. Continue to expand project investment and build factories in important links of the industrial chain such as circular manufacturing, packaging/testing, and constantly improve the domestic industrial ecological chain, promote the establishment of the domestic semiconductor industry ecology, and drive the development of the entire industrial chain such as design, packaging and testing, materials, and equipment .

The road to the rise of the localization of memory chips will certainly not be smooth sailing, but the localization of memory chips has the right time and place and advantages. There are good reasons to believe that the development prospects of localization of memory chips will be better and better.

Taking multiple measures to seek development, the future can be expected

For domestic memory chip companies, the global chip market has seen rising material prices and limited production capacity, and maintaining a stable supply capacity has become a top priority. Foreign monopolies are gradually changing the pattern of “one-hundred response”. Domestic companies are steadily moving forward on the road to localization of the memory chip market, and the localized supply chain of memory chips is achieving breakthroughs with differentiated competitive advantages.

At this stage, domestic memory chips have identified the pace of development in different subdivisions, application markets, customer service, and technology research and development. Although the localization of memory chips is a marathon long-distance race, fortunately, domestic companies have chosen a track that can accelerate their running. Behind the high monopoly of memory chips, the gap may be further narrowed and confidence in localized substitution. .

The memory chip market is fiercely competitive. The domestic memory chip representative company Hongwang ICMAX, upholds the original intention of “China Chip, Hongwang Dream”, and has built a high-quality R&D team with independent R&D teams such as HW / FW / SYS. Equipped with a professional FAE team. In terms of products, with Hongwang ICMAX eMMC, eMCP, etc. as representative products, it has completed the “domestic replacement” of memory chips in some consumer markets, including smart TVs, set-top boxes and many other fields that have a wide range of applications, helping China’s local semiconductor memory chips Strengthen and develop.

National policy support, large-scale innovative applications, global semiconductor industry transfer, coupled with the inflow of talents and capital, have caused my country’s semiconductor industry to enter a period of rapid growth and usher in unprecedented development opportunities. In the face of historic development opportunities, domestic semiconductors, especially memory chip companies, not only need to actively embrace the world, but also need to master core technologies, adhere to openness and independent innovation to walk on both legs, in order to go right and go far. Externally, learn advanced management experience and advanced technology; internally, actively embrace mature markets, take technology as the guide, customer service as the core, take the differentiated competition route, and consolidate the technical foundation of domestic enterprises, which is not only a replacement for the localization of memory chips The accumulation of power after the surge is also a powerful measure for domestic memory chips to break through in the turbulent market environment.

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