Introducing Iristick.G1, Iristick.H1 & Visor-Ex01

In recognition of the unique challenges faced by each industry or professional context, we are pleased to introduce the Iristick.G1Iristick.H1 and ECOM Visor-EX®️01. A complete product portfolio empowering frontline workers, field operators, technicians, logistics staff, health care workers and surgeons in their various environments and with their specific requirements.

The one thing they have in common is that they need both hands free and the correct information to do their job. 

Introducing Iristick.G1, Iristick.H1 & Visor-Ex01

Iristick.H1: Balanced and lightweight head-mounted smart glasses

Iristick.H1 is a robust head-mounted device offering an extended field view via dual portrait 16 Megapixel central cameras. With a unique optical zoom lens, operators can zoom in on details or scan barcodes from a distance, simply using voice commands. With the zoom lens on one side, the Display on the other side and the central cameras in the middle, you get the most balanced and lightweight pair of smart glasses on the market. The Iristick.H1 can be easily clipped onto a helmet, hard hat, headband or combined with other PPE.

Iristick.Z1 becomes Iristick.G1

Previously known as Iristick.Z1, the Iristick.G1 and Iristick.G1 PRO are designed as a regular pair of glasses with a focus on user comfort and functionalities. This results in a best-of-class integrated device for remote assistance and digital workflow execution. The Iristick.G1 PRO is additionally equipped with offline voice commands and advanced barcode scanning functionality, enabling accurate pick-by-vision.