IP-based Distributed Integrated Emergency Communication and Production Scheduling Implementation Scheme

The CDC1080IP collaborative dispatch and command system independently developed by Mazuo Intelligent Application Division (www.xttxw.net) is a set of distributed comprehensive emergency communication dispatch and command business system based entirely on IP, with unified command, multi-party linkage, resource sharing, centralized It has the characteristics of management, high stability, strong scalability and wide application range. Through a unified comprehensive intelligent dispatching platform, using a unified IP network, it integrates the original independent PSTN, Internet, wired, wireless, satellite, video network, mobile and other networks, and realizes voice, fax, SMS, email, video, etc. and other means of communication and processing, so as to deal with emergencies in an orderly manner. It greatly improves the user’s response speed and processing efficiency to emergencies, and minimizes accident losses.

This dispatch command system can be widely used in daily dispatch command and emergency command in various industries such as electric power, government, public security, railway, fire protection, military, factories, mines, aviation, transportation, etc. It is especially suitable for various types of emergency command and communication needs. For example, it is applied to IP coordinated dispatching and command of emergency plans for natural disasters, accident disasters, public health events, social security events and other emergencies, and has been widely used.

Network structure diagram

This system is an all-IP open architecture, which consists of three parts: IP integrated dispatcher, dispatching console and dispatching terminal.

A unified platform integrates multiple networks, provides multiple services, business applications, multiple communication methods, unified management, unified command, multi-party linkage, resource sharing, and coordinated scheduling.

A. IP scheduling machine: It is the core of the whole system. Both the scheduling console and the scheduling terminal must be connected to the IP scheduling machine to work normally.

B. Dispatching console: All dispatching functions are implemented on the dispatching console, including: click-to-call, monitoring and dispatching terminals, and dispatching functions such as banning, round-robin, multicast, night service, and emergency conferences.

C. Dispatching terminal: used to receive dispatching station dispatching. It supports various types of terminals such as ordinary phones, fixed phones, mobile phones, video phones, soft phones, USB phones, IP phones, WiFi phones, 3G phones, walkie-talkies, etc., which can be flexibly selected by users according to their needs.

System advantage

1. Unified leadership, hierarchical responsibility, orderly command, and efficient operation.

2. The emergency measures are solidified in the treatment model, which is handled calmly and scientifically commanded.

3. Rapid generation and processing of linkage execution or emergency plans, linkage issuance, and execution tracking.

4. The flexible and convenient dispatching console has complete functions, click to call, quick command, quick response, and coordinated response.

5. Enhance the ability to deal with emergencies, improve work efficiency, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and political stability.

6. Open system architecture, make full use of original resources, avoid duplication of construction, less investment and quicker results.

7. Provides a strong guarantee for building a harmonious society.

System Features:

– All-IP open system architecture, modular design, unified command, multi-party linkage, resource sharing.

– Integration of multiple networks: open design integration, compatibility with existing communication networks, coordination and synchronous development, and interoperability, interoperability and compatibility.

– High integration: The system integrates functions such as emergency conference, voice mail, recording monitoring, click-to-call, FAX, etc., integrating voice, video, and data, and sharing resources.

– Strong scalability: flexible and open system interface, which can be flexibly customized and developed according to user needs, and seamlessly integrate various new business applications and other business systems. The expansion of the system can only be done by adding remote extensions without repurchasing core equipment.

– Diversified dispatching means: an all-round three-dimensional dispatching center, which integrates all available dispatching methods from voice to video, from fixed terminals to mobile terminals, from SMS to EMAIL.

– Flexible permission levels: with flexible role permission priority management and flexible scheduling methods.

– Management integration: dispatching consoles and dispatching terminals are physically distributed and managed centrally.

– Wide range of applications: suitable for dispatching and commanding business processes and applications in all walks of life.

– Integration of production scheduling and emergency command

Business Applications

Military Dispatching Command Application System

Power emergency plan dispatch command application

Coal industry dispatch command application

Government emergency plan dispatch command application

Public security emergency plan dispatch command application

Fire emergency plan dispatch command application

Dispatching and Commanding Application of Natural Disaster Emergency Plan

Application of Dispatching and Commanding of Emergency Response Plans for Safety Production Accidents

Traffic emergency emergency plan dispatch command application

Some success stories

A city fire dispatch command center system

Command and dispatch system of urban power supply bureau in a city

Dispatching command system of a hydropower station of the Ministry of Water Resources

A provincial health department disease control command center system

A provincial power emergency plan dispatch command system

Coordinated dispatch command system of a general staff communication department

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