IQE Announces Long-Term Strategic Supply Agreement with Lumentum

[Introduction]IQE plc (AIM stock code: IQE, hereinafter referred to as “IQE” or the “Group”), the world’s leading supplier of compound semiconductor wafer products and advanced material solutions, recently announced that it has signed a long-term agreement with Lumentum to provide It provides epiwafers supporting 3D sensing, automotive lidar (LiDAR) and optical networking applications.

IQE Announces Long-Term Strategic Supply Agreement with Lumentum

Lumentum Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: LITE, “Lumentum”), a market-leading optoelectronic solutions provider, is a long-term partner of IQE. The long-term agreement, effective immediately upon signing, focuses on high-volume production of epiwafers. These epiwafers will be used in Lumentum’s innovative laser product line, especially lidars for autonomous vehicles, and IQE will be the preferred epitaxy partner for this technology.

The strong partnership between IQE and Lumentum will allow them to maintain leadership in a wider range of cutting-edge technologies such as biometric security, data communications and extended reality. The two sides also proposed a multi-year joint research and development initiative.

Americo Lemos, CEO of IQE, said: “The partnership with Lumentum is in line with our corporate strategy of strengthening customer relationships and securing wafer supply through long-term agreements. Both Lumentum and IQE are leaders in 3D sensing. IQE will leverage An exceptional technology portfolio contributes strongly to our partnership. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Lumentum and the expansion of the business relationship into new market segments.”

Alan Lowe, CEO of Lumentum, added: “We are excited to continue our fruitful partnership with IQE in the future. IQE’s strong support enables us to achieve high volume production in the consumer space, and Lumentum’s large-scale VCSEL array shipments have exceeded 1 billion. In the next few years, we plan to introduce high-volume differentiated solutions for automotive, extended reality, and more demanding applications in the industrial field. Therefore, we believe that our partnership with IQE will continue to flourish.”

About IQE

IQE is a leading global supplier of advanced compound semiconductor wafers and material solutions enabling a wide variety of applications, including:

● Handheld devices

● Global telecommunications infrastructure

● Connected devices

● 3D sensing

As a large-scale epitaxial wafer manufacturer with operations all over the world, IQE occupies an important position in this extremely high threshold market. IQE supplies the entire market, unaffected by competition at the chip and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) level. Thanks to the group’s strong intellectual property portfolio, including know-how and patents, IQE produces epiwafers with superior quality, yield and unit economics.

Headquartered in Cardiff, England, IQE has nine production bases in the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and Taiwan, China, with about 700 employees, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM.


Lumentum (NASDAQ: LITE) is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative optical and optoelectronic products that power optical networking and laser applications around the world. Optical components and subsystems manufactured by Lumentum are used in virtually all telecom, enterprise and data center networks. Lasers produced by Lumentum enable a range of advanced manufacturing technologies and a variety of applications including next-generation 3D sensing. Lumentum is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has numerous R&D, manufacturing and sales offices around the world. For more information, visit and follow Lumentum on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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