JOLED starts shipment of printed 22-32" 4K OLED panels to monitor makers

Expect to see more high-end OLED monitors in the near future. JOLED has started shipment of its printed OLED panels, available in 22- to 32-inch sizes with 4K, to monitor manufacturers including LG.     

Printed OLED displays

JOLED, a joint venture of Sony, Panasonic and Japan Display, has announced that it has started shipping its 'OLEDIO'. It is the "first mass production of OLED displays by the printing method". - "It is the first mass production of OLED displays by the printing method, which is different from the conventional vapor deposition method. JOLED will produce 10- to 32-inch, medium-sized high-performance and high-quality OLED displays under the OLEDIO brand, for high-end monitors, medical monitors, automotive displays, and so on," said JOLED. The display supplier currently has three OLED panels listed on its website: 22, 27, and 32-inch panels all with 4K resolution, RGB OLED pixels, and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio as well as peak luminance up to 540 nits. JOLED Inc. has been carrying out research and development of printed OLED since 2017. It started trial mass production in 2019. Today, "JOLED will move from trial to mass production and aim at expansion of sales", the company announced.

OLED monitors from LG, others

LG Electronics is partnering with JOLED to launch its first 27- and 32-inch OLED monitors this year. LG is using its own panels (WOLED from LG Display) in OLED TVs. Eizo introduced its first 22-inch OLED monitor in late 2019, based on JOLED's trial production. - "We are so delighted to ship our brand-new OLED display OLEDIO from the world’s first printed OLED mass production line, which is full of our technology and expertise. I am filled with deep emotion when I reflect upon our journey from the establishment as a R&D company to today, overcoming several challenges, and finally reaching mass production. We will produce high-performance and high-quality OLED displays using the groundbreaking printing method and will provide innovations to the medium-sized category in the world OLED market," Tadashi Ishibashi, President of JOLED, said at a launch ceremony in Chiba, Japan, today. JOLED will initially be focusing on mass production of medium-sized OLED panels. It has also formed an alliance with TCL to develop large-sized OLED panels, although it appears to be at an early stage.

32" OLED panel - specifications

Screen size32 inches
Screen dimensions (Width x Height x Diagonal)697.9×392.6×800.7㎜
Resolution3,840(RGB) x 2,160 139ppi
Peak luminance540cd/㎡
Contrast ratio1,000,000:1
Panel thickness1.22mm

27" OLED panel - specifications

Screen size27inches
Screen dimensions (Width x Height x Diagonal)596.2×335.3×684.0㎜
Resolution3,840(RGB) x 2,160 163ppi
Peak luminance540cd/㎡
Contrast ratio1,000,000:1
Panel thickness1.22mm

22" OLED panel - specifications

Screen size22 inches
Screen dimensions (Width x Height x Diagonal)478.1×268.9×548.5㎜
Resolution3,840(RGB) x 2,160 204ppi
Peak luminance350cd/㎡
Contrast ratio1,000,000:1
Panel thickness1.3mm
- Source: JOLED