LCD driver for 368 segments in vehicle dash

LCD driver for 368 segments in vehicle dash

Epson is aiming at vehicle instrument clusters with a greyscale segment LCD driver for up to 368 segments.

LCD driver for 368 segments in vehicle dash

“The amount of information that needs to be shown on instrumental cluster displays is increasing as vehicles gain additional features and functions,” according to the company. “On the other hand, larger displays with higher definitions increase costs. For this reason, there has been an increase, especially in emerging countries, in the number of combination-type instrumental cluster displays that use TFT LCDs for things that require Display flexibility and that use segment LCDs for fixed items such as indicators, icons speedometers and tachometers.”

Called S1D15106, and only available in bare die form, the segment LCD driver connects directly to a microcontroller without the need for external memory.

Pulse-width modulation (PWM) allows 16 grey levels to be established.

For safety, segment open and short detection are included and “if a line from driver output to display is open and a display abnormality is detected, the display can be restored by switching the driver output terminal via control from the microcontroller”, said the company. “This driver is compliant with AEC-Q100.”

Operation is up to 105°C.


Model S1D15106
Supply System power 2.7 – 5.5V
LCD supply 2.7 – 8.0V
MPU interface 3-wire serial
LCD drive 368 segments, 1 common
Grayscale 16 greys by pwm
LCD driving duty 1/1 (so static)
LCD driving bias 1/1 (also static)
Error detection Command register
Segment/common open/short
Automotive standard AEC-Q100 compliant
Operating range -40 to +105ºC
Other Built-in oscillator circuit
Power-on reset
Shipped as Bare die (gold bumped)

The S1D15106 product page is here