LG 2021 OLED TVs now available in the US, Europe

The new OLED TVs from LG have arrived. A1 is a new range of inexpensive OLED TVs whereas B1 and C1 are successors. G1 has a new OLED panel.    

LG 2021 OLED

LG is expanding its line-up of OLED TVs in 2021, with more ranges (A1) and larger 4K models (83 inches). On the other hand, LG has discontinued its unique 'wallpaper' (W) model. In addition, there will be larger variation between the OLED models in the 2021 line-up. LG A1 is the first 50/60 Hz OLED TV and an attempt to bring OLED mainstream. G1 is the only model from LG with a new improved OLED panel. All LG OLED models, except A1, feature HDMI 2.1 ports. The company has also refreshed its homescreen as part of webOS 6.0. Also read: LG 2021 TV line-up

LG 2021 OLED TVs now available in the US, Europe

The new LG OLED TVs. Photo: Company

LG A1, B1, C1 and G1 have all started to appear in stores across Europe and the US, although launch timings vary from region to region. The 48 and 83 inch models will launch this summer – probably in June/July in most major regions. The company is also launching a new floor stand (Gallery Stand) that is compatible with most of the 2021 models (see the TV Database) as well as some models from the 2020 and 2019 line-ups. More information on features, availability and prices for Europe and the US can be found in the table below.

LG 2021 OLED – prices & dealers