LG launches new 2021 8K and 4K LCD TVs

LG has launched a full line-up new LCD TVs spanning from entry-level to upper mid-range in sizes ranging from 43 to 86 inches. With 4K or 8K resolution.    

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LG has one of the most comprehensive TV line-ups of 2021, and perhaps also the most confusing with UHD, "NanoCell", "QNED", and OLED. The company began rolling out new OLED TVs and "QNED" LCD TVs earlier this year, and now comes a flurry of other LCD TVs. LG is launching upgraded UP ranges to replace last year's UN ranges. In addition, it is launching new "NanoCell" LCD models, some of which – confusingly – carry the same model numbers as last year's models. From UP75 and up you get webOS 6.0 with access to streaming apps as well as features like AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. From Nano85 and up you get HDMI 2.1 ports and 100/120Hz IPS LCD panels. From Nano90 and up you get LED zone dimming. And from Nano95 and up you get 8K resolution. Also read: LG 2021 TV line-up

LG launches new 2021 8K and 4K LCD TVs

LG NANO90/91

Some of the new models are quite similar, with the main difference being design and stand type. The biggest change from 2020 is probably the revamped user interface introduced with webOS 6.0 and its new Game Optimizer menu. Also read: Review: LG C1 and webOS 6.0 LG's refreshed line-up of entry-level to upper mid-range LCD TVs is rolling out now in the US, Europe, and other regions. We refer to the table for prices and specifications.

LG 2021 LCD TVs – prices & dealers