Luo Yonghao has started his own business again. Does this project look reliable?

On the evening of December 3, Luo Yonghao held his “Old Man and the Sea” press conference as scheduled, introducing a Sharklet (shark pattern) bionic physical antibacterial technology.

Luo Yonghao has started his own business again. Does this project look reliable?

Luo Yonghao introduced that he is now the global partner and “chief fudge officer” of Sharklet. Although it was developed by Americans, Sharklet was acquired by a fund company from Hangzhou in 2017.

This technology can be used in products that require direct contact with the human body, including chopsticks, children’s backpacks, suitcases, pacifiers, and yoga mats. In addition to the backpacks and suitcases that can be directly booked at the conference site, high-end antibacterial chopsticks will be launched soon next spring, and milk bottles, pacifiers, and yoga mats are also being produced one after another.

1. The source of Sharklet technology

The Sharklet technology stems from the research of Dr. Anthony Brennan, who was inspired by the structure of shark skin to develop a microstructure that fights seaweed pollution. .

The biggest advantage of Sharklet technology is that it uses pure physical microstructure to achieve antibacterial effect, without changing the original characteristics of the material, it does not “sterilize” bacteria, but just prevents bacteria from attaching. It avoids the irreversible pollution of chemical reagents to the natural environment.

It is understood that Sharklet Technologies, Inc. (Chinese name: Sharklet Technology) is a medical technology company mainly for B-end manufacturers. It was established in Florida, USA in 2007. According to Sharklet’s official website, the technology could improve medical devices and reduce bacterial infections. Up to now, the company has cooperated with Cook medical, an American medical company, on urinary catheters, and continued research on medical devices such as tracheal intubation and wound dressings.

In 2017, PEACEFUL UNION, a fund company in Hangzhou, China, acquired Sharklet and tried to manufacture Sharklet-textured leather materials in a tannery in Jiangnan. Now, real mass production can be achieved. According to Luo Yonghao, “it can do almost All the daily necessities like yoga mats, baby pacifiers, etc.”

Luo Yonghao’s fate with Sharklet came from his last entrepreneurial project – Electronic cigarette. At that time, he was trying to solve the problem of unsanitary use of electronic cigarette holder repeatedly. After several months of technical exchanges, Luo Yonghao became the global partner and “chief fudge officer” of Sharklet.

2. Luo Yonghao’s “Investment Promotion Conference”

According to Sharklet’s official website in China, in addition to the founder Dr. Anthony Brennan, there is another important role. He is the director and CEO of Sharklet Technologies, Inc. Zhou Liwu, who is responsible for leading the company’s operation and surface technology development.

According to a report from China, the official WeChat account of Luo Yonghao’s press conference is operated by Beijing Shanjie Weikang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Shanjie”) whose legal representative is Zhou Liwu.

After joining Sharklet in 2017, Zhou Liwu may have plans to turn the company’s business to the Chinese market. According to the company’s information, Beijing Shanjie was established in May 2018. Before that, in February 2018, Shanjie Asia Co., Ltd. registered in Hong Kong applied for the trademark of Sharklet.

According to public information, Zhou Liwu’s most well-known deed is that in March this year, he transferred the controlling stake of Xingyuan Environment, which lost 1 billion yuan, to Liu Yonghao, the head of New Hope. After fully investing in Sharklet, Zhou Liwu began to turn the company that originally only involved in the medical field to the consumer market.

Luo Yonghao took this direction a step further. The press conference on the evening of December 3 was called the “Investment Promotion Conference” by Luo Yonghao, and it was said that the management of more than 143 enterprises participated in the event.

In the last month, Luo Yonghao posted Weibo “seeking contact” for 14 consecutive days. The products he wants to contact are: yoga mats, tableware, children’s toys, contact lenses, sex toys, bathrooms, etc. The commonality of these products is that they are in direct contact with the skin.

“I started to think it was a sophisticated scam,” Luo Yonghao said, because the technology could not be seen or touched, but he was still full of confidence.

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