Mercedes-Benz to invest 40 billion euros in electric cars

On July 25, according to Etnews, Mercedes-Benz (hereinafter referred to as Mercedes-Benz) will invest 40 billion euros to specialize in the production of electric vehicles. The plan is to add pure electric battery models to all market segments from 2022, and to expand the models after the launch of three pure electric vehicle-specific platforms in 2025.

The CEO of Mercedes-Benz AG said: “The transition from the luxury segment to electric vehicles is accelerating, and Mercedes-Benz will quickly complete preparations for full electrification by 2030.”

In order to accelerate the transition to pure electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has invested more than 40 billion euros in electric vehicles alone between 2022 and 2030. Its aims include developing electric vehicle architecture, developing next-generation batteries, building new charging systems and maximum charging infrastructure, and expanding the electric vehicle production network.

In 2025, Mercedes-Benz plans to launch “MB.EA (medium and heavy-duty passenger vehicles),” AMG.EA (high-performance vehicles), and “VAN.EA (freight and commercial vehicles), a total of 3 pure electric vehicle-specific platforms. Here On this basis, various electric vehicle models will be expanded.

At present, Mercedes-Benz is promoting vertical integration to realize the integration of development, procurement and production. To this end, it has acquired companies such as British motor manufacturers and conducted strategic cooperation with Chinese battery companies. A gigafactory to develop next-generation batteries and modules will also be established.

Mercedes-Benz believes that more than 200 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of production capacity is needed to secure batteries suitable for more than 90 percent of cars and vans, so it plans to build gigafactories with partners in eight locations around the world. To improve battery energy density, power cooperation continues with companies such as battery materials startup Cyranano Technologies. The pure electric vehicle “Vision EQXX” with a cruising range of more than 1,000 kilometers currently under development will make its world debut in 2022.

Regarding the charging of electric vehicles, the large-scale electric vehicle EQS will not be launched this year, and the “plug-in” technology will be launched. As long as the plug is plugged in, the charging can be started immediately, and even the fee settlement can be completed. We have not only expanded the charging infrastructure “Mercedes Mijic” with more than 530,000 charging stations worldwide, but also cooperated with multinational companies.

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