After all, The Creator Of All, what some people refer to as God is the ultimate creator, so what better way to make a conscious connection to God that to lose one’s ego in uninhibited sexual release, or orgasm? He tried to show how societies views of sexual conduct actually inhibited a person from experiencing the spiritual connection derived from the act of making love. When Hitler came into power in Germany in 1933, he moved to Denmark, which although was known for its liberal views and practices concerning sexual freedom, still would not renew his visa. From there he relocated to Sweden an even more liberal country when it came to sexual views and ideas and yet he still ran into trouble when rumors began that his clinics were nothing short of a brothel for misguided teenage patients. In 1947 however, a smear campaign began that lead to his research being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for fraudulent practices and the promotion of a sex cult.

Soon after making this claim his troubles in the United States began, specifically with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). For five years his work was highly regarded in psychiatric circles and regularly published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In 1934 Reich again moved to Oslo, Norway where he lived for five years. Reich was arrested five days after Pearl Harbor, December 12, 1941 by the FBI in a case of ‘mistaken identity’, how convenient. If I gave them a great show, most of the time they’d give me a five star rating. He began corresponding with Albert Einstein around the same time that Einstein was encouraging the United States to begin developing the Atomic Bomb. Soon after he began to build Faraday Cages or what he called Orgone Accumulators and began testing them on plants and cancerous mice. This avenue of research is what propelled Reich to develop the idea of Orgone Energy as a ‘force’ that stabilized the organization of the entire Universe from the micro to the macro, the ultimate creative element.

Reich expressed his idea to Einstein that this new found energy source could be used to help mankind in their fight against diseases such as cancer or be made into a weapon of mass destruction. A used copy of this book sells for $200.00 minimum but is a must read for anyone interested in the Source Field or God Consciousness. I read this to research what the laptop guy liked so much, and I couldn’t stop laughing.. The stable environment and steady income of lecturing, teaching and clinical work allowed him to expand on his ideas, publish many articles and research his theory of Orgone Energy in depth. Reich lost his job at Columbia in May of 1941, after writing a letter to the President of the University, Alvin Johnson, describing how he had saved many peoples lives with terminal cancer in secret experiments using his Orgone Accumulator. Reich began a campaign or “full-scale interplanetary battle” to locate and ‘shoot-down’ said UFOs using his cloud-busting technology. He began what is now known as the Sex-Pol Movement, offering free sex-counseling in his clinic, in 1927. The term was derived from the German Society of Proletarian Sexual Politics offering psychoanalytical sexual counseling and camshows contraceptives and encouraging sexual permissiveness for young adults and the unmarried members of the society.

It was during his time in Veinna that he met Sigmund Freud in 1919 and eventually went to work for him in his clinic, the Vienna Psychoanalytic Association. But the problem here is that it takes ages for the petition to be reviewed and the convict would have spent a long time waiting for the outcome. If you don’t get a perfect match then don’t bother much about it, as here the goal is to just have a fun. Well, you’ll be happy to know that nearly every single babe here has an HD cam that gives you the best quality imaginable. Cougars love sleeping with younger guys because they are equally sex crazed ready to go on and on – catch them on cam. Furthermore, your seat should be such that your face gets properly displayed on the cam. His Father died in 1914 from tuberculosis, leaving him and his brother destitute but Wilhelm was still able to graduate in 1915. When the Russians invaded Bukovina, where the farm was located, Wilhelm and his brother fled. Wilhelm was able to graduate in 1922 with a Bachelor’s and M.D. These books would be the basis for the major influence Wilhelm Reich had on modern psychiatry.

His first of many books was published in 1925 entitled The Impulsive Character: A Psychoanalytical Study of the Pathology of the Self and won him many professional accolades and praise, including Freud. Many of Reich’s critics argue that his ideas and theories on sex is what lead to his legal troubles in the United States however it is not a coincidence that they began when he started promoting that, his newly invented Orgone Accumulator, could prevent most diseases, including cancer. He formulated the theory that obsessive-compulsive disorder was an unconscious effort to gain control of a hostile environment, including such factors as poverty and childhood abuse. Born in Dobzau, Galicia (Austria-Hungary) on March 24, 1897 the first of two sons to farmer parents, his early childhood was rife with sexual misconduct by both parents and lead to early sexual promiscuity of his own. His discovery of Orgone Energy in 1939 and his research, which he termed Orgonomy, lead him to conclude that a highly organized energy existed in the aether that encompassed all matter organic and inorganic. Attorney for the District of Maine filed a 27 page complaint seeking a permanent injunction from the interstate shipment of Orgone Accumulators and the ban of ‘any’ promotional literature.