MPS and MIT develop open source automatic mask ventilator

The MPS engineering team is working with MIT on an open-source automated facepiece ventilator, in which MPS will contribute its expertise in motor control and power to quickly enable automation in general. And, in emergency situations (where full ventilator functionality may not be available), provide a low-cost ventilation option.

  MPS and MIT develop open source automatic mask ventilator

Design advantage

Motor and motor control using standard components:

Among them, the motor control board adopts MMP742038-24-C, and the intelligent motor module adopts EVKT-MSM942038-24 – BLCD + control board + sensor. Has off-the-shelf components and supports battery backup.

MPS is calling for medical professionals to qualify and recommend the use of the device, and is looking for manufacturing partners and parts suppliers.

MIT’s open source projects are described in detail at


It is reported that except for the extrusion arm, the rest of the parts have been processed, including the assembly of the plastic casing, the 3D printed gear and the motor. The air bags are replaceable on demand and are available in several styles so the bag can be raised and lowered. There are also plans to add accessories such as elastic straps to hold the bag in place if needed.

All electrical components of the console are complete and the first functional test is about to begin.

The Links:   LM150X05-A3C1 DMF5005NF-LY IGBTMODULE