MVG Performance Series EL/AZ heavy duty locators provide performance and precise positioning support for antenna measurements

MVG today announced the Performance Series EL/AZ heavy duty positioners for heavy duty equipment under test. The positioner represents the latest generation of multi-axis rotary positioning subsystems, offering enhanced functionality and improved performance relative to size and incorporating entirely new engineering techniques. The precision of these streamlined positioners helps improve the accuracy of antenna measurements.

MVG Performance Series EL/AZ Heavy Duty Positioners

In order to obtain the most accurate antenna measurements, the environment and equipment used to test the antenna and the equipment it serves must meet specific standards and configuration requirements. For example, the construction of an antenna measurement test facility is based on the geometry of the radiation pattern of a typical antenna or device to be tested. Also consider the size of the equipment and available real estate and measurement requirements. Selecting an appropriate positioning subsystem for a facility also depends on several of these factors. Its size, rotational movement and load capacity are several of the important indicators.

In addition, the performance of the positioning subsystem also plays a key role in the measurement results. With balanced rotation and controllable speed, the advanced high-precision positioner will perform precise movements that increase the required measurement accuracy.

MVG Performance Series EL/AZ Heavy Duty Positioners provide accurate, balanced rotation and controlled speed. Its robust construction ensures maximum reliability and trouble-free operation, resulting in the best size and weight/performance ratio. The positioner usually includes body, precision slewing bearing, DC motor, gear reducer, encoder/synchronizer and limit switch assembly. The AUT mounting surface is specially designed with threaded mounting holes for ease of use. In addition, a safety operation switch is included for safety.

This product is used for general purpose positioning subsystems, single and multi-probe measurement systems, compact antenna testing, and far-field and near-field antenna measurements, both indoors and outdoors.

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