No 120Hz Dolby Vision gaming on Xbox? LG, Sony & Panasonic respond

Dolby Vision gaming is coming to Xbox Series X soon but your HDMI 2.1-enabled 4K TV may not support Dolby's HDR format beyond 60fps. Here is what LG, Sony and Panasonic had to say.    

Dolby Vision gaming

4K TVs with HDMI 2.1 port can support 4K at up to 120Hz, with or without HDR10. However, it is about to get more complicated with Dolby Vision added to the equation. As detailed in FlatpanelsHD’s Xbox Series X review last year, Xbox will fall back on 60Hz output for Dolby Vision even when connected to the latest and most advanced HDMI 2.1-enabled 4K TVs.

No 120Hz Dolby Vision gaming on Xbox? LG, Sony & Panasonic respond

A new screen will soon appear on your Xbox Series X to confirm that you're not getting Dolby Vision 120Hz

LG, Sony & Panasonic respond

LG was quick to respond saying that it is working with Microsoft to enhance Dolby Vision support on its 2021 OLED models (B1, C1, G1). LG has not made any announcements regarding its other 2021 models or any 2019-2020 models. - "The Dolby Vision feature is currently in testing and LG is working closely with its partners to support functionality (including 4K @120Hz) on its 2021 OLEDs soon, and more details about models will be shared soon," said LG Korea. Sony meanwhile has nothing to announce at this time. Sony's HDMI 2.1-equipped TVs from 2021 and 2020 support 120Hz for SDR and HDR10 but are currently limited to 60Hz for Dolby Vision. - "We have nothing to announce in that respect at the moment," Sony said in a statement to FlatpanelsHD. Panasonic said that due to a hardware limitation it will not be possible to bring Dolby Vision 120Hz support to models from 2021 and earlier. - "Panasonic 2021 models or previous models do not support Dolby Vision 120Hz, this is due to hardware limitation. We are always watching the market needs and evaluating the potential of supporting new features," Panasonic confirmed to FlatpanelsHD. Xbox Series X will be the first console to support Dolby Vision + Atmos gaming so we are breaking new ground here, but it is still surprising to see Dolby Vision limited on modern 4K TVs that support HDR10 at 120Hz.