Panasonic launches UB9000 mk2 UHD Blu-ray player

Panasonic's second version of its flagship UHD Blu-ray player, UB9000, has a new DAC but is otherwise identical to the first one. It will be available in Europe and the US this summer.    

Panasonic UB9000 mk2

When Panasonic introduced its 2021 TV line-up back in March, it also said that it would refresh the UB9000 UHD Blu-ray player. It is now official although the launch has been slightly delayed. - "UB9000 will come back in May 2021, same specifications but new sound processor," Panasonic told us in March. "It will keep the same specifications as before. It is not planned right now to add SACD & DVD-A." The company was forced to replace the DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), from AKM to ESS, as the production facility had been destroyed in a fire.

Panasonic launches UB9000 mk2 UHD Blu-ray player

Other than that UB9000 mk2 (model name UB9000P1K) is identical to UB9000 mk1 from 2018 and there is no "easily noticeable difference" with CDs, according to the first report. So if you already own Panasonic's flagship disc spinner, there is no reason to replace it with the refreshed model. It still features twin HDMI output, the HCX Processor, and 7.1 analog outputs. It also supports 4K, HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and much more. Panasonic tells us that beyond this minor refresh it has no plans to launch new UHD Blu-ray players this year. Existing players will continue to be available throughout 2021 – much like other brands like LG and Sony. Panasonic UB9000 mk2, or UB9000P1K, will be available this summer at roughly the same price in Europe and the US.

Panasonic launches UB9000 mk2 UHD Blu-ray player

Connectors as seen on the mk1 model. No changes expected with mk2

- Source: Panasonic, Robert Zohn