Parameters of some popular Opto Diode models and selection of a full range of products

Opto Diode, a subsidiary of ITW, based in Camarillo, CA, offers industry-leading sensors, photodiodes, infrared detectors, photonic modules, components and LEDs, with standard and custom designed photodiode products available. For over 30 years, it has built a reputation for high performance, superior quality and reliability. Photodiodes provide advanced performance sensors from extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to mid-infrared (mid-IR). Our products provide unmatched high-energy particle, electron, X-ray and UV detection, as well as outstanding sensitivity to distinguish between trace gases or detect heat, sparks or flames in the mid-infrared spectrum. Other products include high-performance LEDs with radiation ranges from 365 to 940 nm and infrared emitters covering 1 to 10 µm.

Opto Diode serves a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, food processing, medical, military/defense, industrial, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, and test and measurement. From start to finish, our manufacturing process takes place in a clean room environment. Opto Diode’s U.S. domestic facility in the U.S. is optimized for on-site wafer fabrication, class 1,000 to class 10,000 cleanroom design and manufacturing, with extensive assembly capabilities and packaging expertise. From prototyping to high volume production, we manufacture wafers to components, then package and assemble photonic modules to optoelectronic systems.

Shenzhen Chuangwei Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on Opto Diode sales, providing customers with a full range of products and services, with guaranteed quality, consistent for 8 years. The following are some of the existing Opto Diode products of Genesis Electronics:

Parameters of some popular Opto Diode models and selection of a full range of products

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