Semikron SKKH92/16E New Stock

Semikron SKKH92/16E New Stock

SKKH92/16E Video

Sell SKKH92/16E, #Semikron #SKKH92/16E New Stock, SKKH92/16E SCR Module 1600V 2000A 5-Pin Case A-47 ; SKKH92/16E;SKKH 92/16E, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #SKKH92_16E


EU RoHS: Compliant
Part Status:Active
Package Width:20
Package Length:93
PCB changed:5
Package Height:30
Maximum Rate of Rise of Off-State Voltage (V/us): 1000
Maximum Rate of Rise of On-State Current (A/us):150
Maximum Gate Trigger Voltage (V): 3(Min)
Maximum Gate Trigger Current (mA):150(Min)
Surge Current Rating (A):2000
Maximum Holding Current (mA):250
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage (V):1600
Peak On-State Voltage (V):1.65@300A
Repetitive Peak Forward Blocking Voltage (V):1600
Rated Average On-State Current (A):95
Repetitive Peak Off-State Current (mA):20
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C): -40
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C): 125
Standard Package Name: Module
Pin Count: 5
Supplier Package:Case A-47
SCR Module 1600V 2000A 5-Pin Case A-47

SanRex DF200AA160 New Stock

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Sell DF200AA160, #SanRex #DF200AA160 New Stock, DF200AA160 Bridge Rectifier Diode, 200A, 1600V V(RRM),; DF200AA160, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #DF200AA160


DF200AA160 Product details
Power Diode Module DF200AA160 is designed for three phase full wave rectification, which has six diodes connected in a three phase bridge configuration. The mounting base of the module is electrically isolated from semiconductor elements for simple heatsink construction. Output DC current is 200Amp(Tc=96℃) Repetitive peak reverse voltage is up to 1,600V.
● TjMax=150℃
● Isolated mounting base
● High reliability by unique glass passivation
AC, DC Motor Drive/AVR/Switching
-for three phase rectification
Maximum ratings and characteristics
Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM 1600V
Non-Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRSM 1700V
Output Current (D.C) Three full wave. TC=96°C 200A
Surge Forward Current IFSM 1 cycle, 50/60HZ, peak value, non-repetitive IFSM2000A
Operating junction temperature Tj:+150°C
Storage temperature Tstg :-40 to +125°C
Isolation between terminal and copper base*2 Viso AC :1 minute VISO :2500V
Mounting torque M5 Recommended Value 1.5~2.5 2.7 N·m
Weight Typical value 360g

Mitsubishi CM400DY-12NF New Stock

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Sell CM400DY-12NF, #Mitsubishi #CM400DY-12NF New Stock, CM400DY-12NF IGBT MOD DUAL 600V 400A NF SER; CM400DY-12NF, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #CM400DY_12NF


The CM400DY-12NF is a 600V Dual IGBTMOD™ NF series Module designed for use in switching applications. Each module consists of two IGBT Transistors in a half bridge configuration with each transistor having a reverse-connected super-fast recovery free-wheel diode. All components and interconnects are isolated from the heat sinking baseplate, offering simplified system assembly and thermal management.

Junction Temperature Tj:–40 to 150 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg:–40 to 125 °C
Collector-Emitter Voltage (G-E Short) VCES:600 Volts
Gate-Emitter Voltage (C-E Short) VGES:±20 Volts
Collector Current*** (DC, TC’ = 92°C) IC:400 Amperes
Peak Collector Current ICM:800* Amperes
Emitter Current** (TC = 25°C) IE:400 Amperes
Peak Emitter Current** IEM 800* Amperes
Maximum Collector Dissipation (TC =25°C, Tj ≤ 150°C) PC:1130 Watts
Mounting Torque, M6 Main Terminal :40 in-lb
Weight : 400 Grams
Isolation Voltage (Main Terminal to Baseplate, AC 1 min.) VISO:2500 Volts

Fuji 2MBI400TC-060 New Stock

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Sell 2MBI400TC-060, #Fuji #2MBI400TC-060 New Stock, 2MBI400TC-060 Fuji IGBT-module 600V/800A/1270W;, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #2MBI400TC_060


2MBI400TC-060 Features
· Low VCE(sat)
· Compact package
· P.C. board mount
· Converter diode bridge, Dynamic brake circuit
· Inverter for motor drive
· AC and DC servo drive amplifier 
· Uninterruptible power supply
Maximum ratings and characteristics
.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)
Collector-Emitter voltage Vces:600V
Gate-Emitter voltage VGES:±20V
Collector current Ic:400A
Collector current Icp:800A
Collector power dissipation Pc:1270W
Collector-Emitter voltage VCES:2500V
Operating junction temperature Tj:+150°C
Storage temperature Tstg :-40 to +125°C
Mounting screw torque 3.5 *1 N·m
Fuji IGBT-module 600V/800A/1270W

Fuji 6MBP30RH060 New Stock

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Sell 6MBP30RH060, #Fuji #6MBP30RH060 New Stock, 6MBP30RH060 600V / 30A / 6 in one-package; 6MBP30RH060, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #6MBP30RH060


The 6MBP30RH060 is Fuji IGBT power module that contains six Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) in a single package. 6MBP30RH060 designed for use in motor drives, AC, DC servo drive amplifiers, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) applications.

6MBP30RH060 features low power loss and soft switching, which helps to reduce stress on the power components and increase efficiency.

It built-in control circuit with overheating protection, improves reliability and reduces the number of parts required for the circuit.

6MBP30RH060 maximum ratings and characteristics of the module include Collector-Emitter voltage (Vces) 450V, Gate-Emitter voltage (VGES) ±20V, Collector current (Ic) 30A, Collector power dissipation (Pc) 85W.

The operating junction temperature (Tj) of +150°C. The 6MBP30RH060 handle Collector-Emitter voltage (VCES) can reach up to 2500V.

#6MBP30RH060 Description
• Low power loss and soft switching
• High performance and high reliability IGBT with overheating
• Higher reliability because of a big decrease in number of parts in
built-in control circuit
■ Applications
Inverter for motor drive
• AC and DC servo drive amplifier
• UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)
■ Maximum ratings and characteristics
.Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified)
Collector-Emitter voltage Vces:450V
Gate-Emitter voltage VGES:±20V
Collector current Ic:30A
Collector current Icp:60A
Collector power dissipation Pc:85W
Collector-Emitter voltage VCES:2500V
Operating junction temperature Tj:+150°C
Storage temperature Tstg :-40 to +125°C
Mounting screw torque 2.0 N·m
600V / 30A / 6 in one-package

Hitachi SP14N002 New Stock

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Sell SP14N002, #Hitachi #SP14N002 New Stock, SP14N002 Hitachi 5.1 inch LCM 240×128 20:1 Monochrome CCFL CPU; SP14N002, #LCD_Display, #LCD, #SP14N002


Panel Brand : Hitachi
Panel Model : SP14N002
Panel Type : FSTN-LCD , LCM
Panel Size : 5.1 inch
Resolution : 240×128
Display Mode : STN, Black/White (Negative), Transmissive
Active Area : 119.97×63.97 mm
Outline : 159.4×101×12 mm
Surface : Antiglare, Hard coating (3H)
Brightness : 90 cd/m² (Typ.)
Contrast Ratio : 20:1 (Typ.)
Display Colors : Monochrome
Response Time : 160/110 (Typ.)(Tr/Td)
Viewing Angle : 40 (Typ.)(CR≥2, Φ2-Φ1) (L/R/U/D)
Frequency : 75Hz
Lamp Type : 1 pcs CCFL       Without Driver
Signal Interface : 8-bit parallel , 20 pins
Input Voltage : 5.0V (Typ.)

AUO G104SN02 V1 New Stock

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Sell G104SN02 V1, #AUO #G104SN02 V1 New Stock, G104SN02 V1 AUO 10.4inch Panel 800×600 500:1 262K/16.2M CCFL LVDS ; G104SN02 V1, #LCD_Display, #LCD, #G104SN02_V1


Panel Brand : AUO
Panel Model : G104SN02 V1
Panel Type : a-Si TFT-LCD , Panel
Panel Size : 10.4 inch
Resolution : 800(RGB)×600 , SVGA
Display Mode : TN, Normally White, Transmissive
Active Area : 211.2×158.4 mm
Outline : 243×184 mm
Surface : Antiglare, Hard coating (3H)
Brightness : 400 cd/m² (Typ.)
Contrast Ratio : 500:1 (Typ.)
Display Colors : 262K/16.2M   (6-bit / 6-bit + FRC) , CIE1931 45%
Response Time : 10/20 (Typ.)(Tr/Td)
Viewing Angle : 80/80/60/80 (Typ.)(CR≥10) (L/R/U/D)
Frequency : 60Hz
Lamp Type : 2 pcs CCFL       Without Driver
Signal Interface : LVDS (1 ch, 6/8-bit) , 20 pins
Input Voltage : 3.3V (Typ.)
G104SN02 V1 inverter, G104SN02 V1 power supply, G104SN02 V1 electronic board, G104SN02 V1 VGA board, G104SN02 V1 touchscreen available.

Fuji 1MBI600NN-060 New Stock

1MBI600NN-060 Video

Sell 1MBI600NN-060, #Fuji #1MBI600NN-060 New Stock, 1MBI600NN-060 600A/600V/IGBT/1U; 1MBI600NN-060, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #1MBI600NN_060


• Square RBSOA
• Low Saturation Voltage
• Less Total Power Dissipation
• Improved FWD Characteristic
• Minimized Internal Stray Inductance
• Overcurrent Limiting Function (~3 Times Rated Current)
• High Power Switching
• A.C. Motor Controls
• D.C. Motor Controls
• Uninterruptible Power Supply
Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Collector-Emitter Voltage 600V
Gate -Emitter Voltage VGES ± 20 V
Max. Power Dissipation PC 2000 W
Operating Temperature Tj +150 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg -40 ~ +125 °C
Isolation Voltage A.C. 1min. Vis 2500 V
Zero Gate Voltage Collector Current ICES VGE=0V VCE=600V 4.0 mA
Gate-Emitter Leackage Current IGES VCE=0V VGE=± 20V 60 µA

Toshiba MG75Q2YS42 New Stock

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Sell MG75Q2YS42, #Toshiba #MG75Q2YS42 New Stock, MG75Q2YS42 IGBT (HIGH POWER SWITCHING; MOTOR CONTROL APPLICATIONS) 75 Amp; 1200 Volt; GTR module; IGBT. Motor Control Application.; MG75Q2YS42, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #MG75Q2YS42


The Toshiba MG75Q2YS42 is an N-channel Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) module designed for high power switching and motor control applications.

MG75Q2YS42 can handle maximum collector current 75A and collector emitter voltage 1200V.

This module includes an ultra-soft fast recovery diode (USFD) that helps reduce noise and features an isolated heat sink (terminal to base) for safety.

include collector power dissipation of 560W, the junction temperature range of -40 ~ 150°C.

The module has isolation voltage 2500 VRMS (AC 1 minute) and screw torque terminals of 3/3 N.m.

Toshiba #MG75Q2YS42 Description


* High speed and low saturation voltage.
* low noise due to built-in free-wheeling  diode – ultra soft fast recovery diode(USFD).
* Isolated head sink (terminal to base).
Collector Emitter Voltage VCES 1,200V
Gate Emitter Voltage VGES  ±20V
Collector Current DC IC 75A
Collector Current DC ICp 150A
Collector Power Dissipation Pc 560W
Junction Temperature Tj -40 ~ 150°C
Storage Temperature Tstg -40 ~125°C
Isolation Voltage VISO 2,500 VRMS(AC 1 minute)
Screw Torque Terminals 3/3 N.m
IGBT (HIGH POWER SWITCHING; MOTOR CONTROL APPLICATIONS) 75 Amp; 1200 Volt; GTR module; IGBT. Motor Control Application.

NEC NL6448BC20-35 New Stock

NL6448BC20-35 Video

Sell NL6448BC20-35, #NEC #NL6448BC20-35 New Stock, NL6448BC20-35 NEC 6.5 Inch LCM 640×480 600 800:1 80/80/80/80 262K WLED TTL;, #LCD_Display, #LCD, #NL6448BC20_35


NEC NL6448BC20-35 is a 6.5-inch 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio, TFT-LCD Display module.

This display module(NL6448BC20-35) features a bright and high-contrast screen with a luminance of 350 cd/m² & contrast ratio of 500:1. It has viewing angle 120 degrees, allowing for easy viewing from any angles.

The NEC NL6448BC20-35 also has a built-in LED backlight system, provides extended operating life and reduces power consumption. It has response time of 25 ms, suitable for displaying fast-moving images & video content.

NL6448BC20-35 Details:
Panel Brand NEC
Panel Model NL6448BC20-35
Panel Size 6.5″
Panel Type a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM
Resolution 640(RGB)×480, VGA, 122PPI
Pixel Format RGB Vertical Stripe
Display Area 132.48(W)×99.36(H) mm
Bezel Opening 135.5(W)×102.4(H) mm
Outline Size 153(W)×118(H) mm
Surface Clear, Hard coating (3H)
Brightness 600 cd/m² (Typ.)
Contrast Ratio 800:1 (Typ.) (TM)
Viewing Angle 80/80/80/80 (Typ.)(CR≥10) Left / Right / Up / Down
Display Mode TN, Normally White, Transmissive
Response Time 3/15 (Typ.)(Tr/Td)
Display Colors 262K   40% NTSC
Lamp Type 3 strings WLED , 70K hours , Without Driver
Frequency 60Hz
120Hz (60HZ Input) : Embedded MEMC Circuit
120Hz+120Hz : 120Hz Panel+120Hz Backlight
240Hz (60HZ Input) : Embedded MEMC Circuit
Touch Screen Without
Panel Weight 150/160g (Typ./Max.)ApplicationIndustrial
Signal Interface CMOS (1 ch, 6-bit) , 31 pins Connector
Input Voltage 3.3/5.0V (Typ.)
Environment Operating Temp.: -30 ~ 80 °C ; Storage Temp.: -30 ~ 80 °C ; Vibration Level: 2.0G (19.6 m/s²)