Philips launches new 7-series OLED TVs starting at €1100 / £980

Philips has launched its new range of budget OLED TVs in Europe. OLED705 is available now in 55 and 65 inches starting at €1100 or £980.    

New Philips OLED TVs

Philips OLED705 is technically a 2020 model but it is part of the 2021 line-up. It was unveiled earlier this year as one of two new budget OLED ranges. The other one is OLED706, which will come with HDMI 2.1 and other enhanced features. OLED705 features 4K resolution, multi-HDR support (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision), Philips' P5 video processor, Ambilight, and Android TV with access to streaming apps such as Disney+ and Netflix. It also has built-in Chromecast and other Google features. - "We have enjoyed fantastic improvements in TV performance over the past five years but consistently throughout that time OLED technology has proven to be the best and will it continue to be so for some time to come," said Henrik Kyhl, Director for UK & Nordics at TP Vision. "So, the consumer can be confident that OLED is the winning technology but that’s not the whole story. With the launch of the new high-value OLED705 TVs, more consumers will be able to enjoy the highest quality PQ processing from our superb P5 processing suite with the unique immersive experience of Ambilight, a combination that the expert media believes gives Philips the very best OLED TV performance."

Philips launches new 7-series OLED TVs starting at €1100 / £980

Philips OLED705 with Android TV

Later this year, Philips will launch new 8- and 9-series OLED TVs. More details about the 2021 models can be found in the TV line-up overview below. Also read: Philips 2021 TV line-up Philips is not the only company with plans to bring OLED technology to the mainstream segment this year. LG has also expanded its line-up with the A1 series. However, while LG A1 uses a 50/60Hz OLED panel, Philips OLED705 uses a 100/120Hz panel. Philips OLED705 is available now in Europe starting at €1100 or £980. Click the model names below to see full specifications in the TV Database.

Philips 7-series OLED TVs