Plastic mechanical handling systems: motion control and robot control functions on one PC

Injection molding machines and blow molding machines are increasingly offered as a production unit packaged with handling systems. Beckhoff PC control technology offers the same CPU-based software platform for this. Different robot solutions, such as Cartesian coordinate movements of handling equipment or complex movements of Delta robots, can be realized through TwinCAT Automation Software” title=”Automation Software”>Automation Software.

TwinCAT is extended by adding a Robot Control” title=”Robot Control”>Robot Control function block. PLC, Motion Control” title=”Motion Control” > Motion Control, HMI and Robot Control functions on the same powerful industrial PC run. The TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation software is itself integrated into the existing motion control system: Robot and motion control functions can be optimally synchronized via TwinCAT NC. All kinematics can be combined as desired on the same hardware and software.

The movements of the clamping unit and the handling axes are synchronized almost completely without delay via the Ethernet fieldbus EtherCAT. Therefore, EtherCAT is the ideal replacement for traditional fieldbus systems. The Beckhoff solution offers unrivaled advantages in in-mold labeling applications where short cycle times and high positioning accuracy are required. The various synchronization functions of TwinCAT are particularly suitable for this application. .Programming according to DIN 66025 is also possible with the help of customer-specific motion editors.

In the case of complex production cells and multifunctional combined machines, the flexible, software-based TwinSAFE Safety Technology from Beckhoff” title=”Safety Technology”>Safety Technology can shorten the commissioning time and assist in subsequent retrofit work.

XFC is based on an efficient control and communication architecture, including high-performance industrial PCs, ultra-high-speed I/O with real-time features” title=”I/O”>I/O terminals, EtherCAT high-speed industrial Ethernet and TwinCAT automation software.

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