Qualcomm supplies Huawei, why does the price of Apple 12 not increase but decrease?

The question of how to achieve chip autonomy has been discussed by practitioners for decades. But no one can deny that the manufacturer that really brought integrated circuits into the public eye is Huawei, which does not produce chips. This forms a very fragmented picture. On the one hand, we know that the chip is an urgent matter, and it is the top priority not to be stuck. On the other hand, we are closely following the latest developments and hope that Huawei is no longer so alone. Interestingly, before everyone fully understands the gap between ideal and reality, Qualcomm actually agreed to supply Huawei.

According to IT House’s news on June 1, Huawei plans to release a new tablet computer MatePad Pro 10.8 on June 2, equipped with a Snapdragon 870 processor. According to the material map, this chip is likely to be a 4G version, but it does not affect the shock of the news at all. You must know that Huawei’s market share has been reduced again and again, and the domestic supply chain will not be able to OEM high-end Kirin chips for a while. If the original purpose of the pressurer was to stifle Huawei’s mobile phone business, why did they suddenly play the role of giving help in the snow?

This is not the end. On the same day, the financial world exposed the big price cut of the iPhone. After verification, Apple once again participated in the domestic mid-year 618 promotion, and also gave a huge discount of the minimum price reduction of 1,000 yuan on platforms such as Jingdong, Tmall and Suning. Among them, the 128G iPhone 12 is even 1,800 yuan cheaper on Pinduoduo. This scene is actually very strange. After Huawei reduced its shipments, Apple began to frantically place orders for TSMC. Now that it is unique in martial arts, it is very kind to not increase the price, why did it start to reduce the price?

The reason why the two things are put together is because the author realizes that this is a conspiracy to invite you to enter the urn, because Huawei can only choose to cooperate. Qualcomm seems to have promised to supply, but in fact, the promise is reluctant, and the form is greater than the actual meaning. According to “Huawei Pictures fans”, another tablet computer from Huawei will be equipped with the Kirin 9000 processor, which is HiSilicon’s most advanced mobile phone chip. From Huawei’s point of view, in order to avoid the price difference being too large, the Snapdragon 888 must be a better choice than the Snapdragon 870. However, he did not do so.

The reason is nothing more than two points, or Qualcomm is worried that Huawei will mess up and impact the pricing mechanism of the Snapdragon 888. Either Huawei only has the Snapdragon 870 now, and Qualcomm did not give Huawei a chance to choose. The author’s view is inclined to the latter. After all, the initiative is in the hands of Qualcomm, and both parties can sign a gentleman’s agreement. Could it be that it is because the supply license is too late that Qualcomm cannot technically realize it? After inquiry, the Snapdragon 870 will be released in late January 2021, while the Snapdragon 888 will be released in early December 2020. In other words, there is plenty of time, but Qualcomm is not willing.

Frankly speaking, Qualcomm doesn’t need Huawei’s orders at all, because Xiaomi OV will make up for it. At the same time, it is necessary to do business with Huawei, otherwise the reputation will easily deteriorate and affect the final sales. Therefore, he found a compromise, forcing Huawei to pursue cost-effectiveness. Apple is also facing the same troubles. Although Cook did not stand in line, it is indeed invincible. Now to restore the brand image, the price increase will definitely not work, but the price cut can kill two birds with one stone. It won’t take too long, and there will inevitably be voices that “Huawei is more expensive than the iPhone” on the Internet, even forcing Huawei to cut prices.

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