Representatives of Xingchen Tianhe Xinchuang storage products appeared at CITE2021

Accelerating the digital transformation of China’s economy is an important mission for the Electronic information industry in the new era. Adhering to this concept, the 9th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2021) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from April 9th ​​to 11th, 2021. The information industry represents a huge and complex ecosystem. In terms of performance and stability, Tianhe Xiangyu can be used for various complex workloads and large-scale production environments. Will bring the company’s latest storage system at CITE2021 booth number 1A015.

Tianhe Xiangyu: Tianhe Xiangyu distributed storage system is an enterprise-level software-defined storage product oriented to Xinchuang ecology, which has independent intellectual property rights and is independently developed by XSKY company; Tianhe Xiangyu has realized the unification of X86 architecture and Xinchuang architecture. Management, cross-platform data flow and online migration. While the data flows freely, the front-end business is not interrupted and users are not aware of it. The system can have multiple application interfaces; open and compatible, no hardware locking; efficient data management, optimized resource allocation; perfect data disaster recovery solutions. The products can be widely used in various business scenarios such as virtualization, container, private cloud, hybrid cloud and Hadoop big data in the whole bank scenario.

In the face of competition with other similar companies, Xingchen Tianhe mainly has advantages in the following three aspects.

1: Cross-ecological, it is the first software-defined storage product on the market that can realize data flow between X86 architecture and Xinchuang architecture, which can promote the localization of user IT infrastructure;

2: Compatibility: Tianhe Xiangyu is widely compatible with mainstream X86, AMD, and supports Haiguang, Feiteng, Kunpeng, Zhaoxin and other hardware platforms, which can meet users’ various cross-platform data storage needs;

3: Data flow without business interruption: Tianhe Xiangyu is a high-availability and high-reliability software-defined product. It supports cross-ecological data flow without business interruption and 0 data loss, creating a smooth and insensitive extreme for users. experience;

XSKY Star Tianhe currently has extensive commercial deployment in government, finance, medical care, energy, manufacturing and other fields, supporting the cloud-based transformation of production systems and technological innovation applications in various industries. Xingchen Tianhe is committed to creating available Xinchuang storage products for users through independent innovation and active integration into the localization ecology. At the same time, around various business scenarios such as virtualization, containers, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and Hadoop big data in different industries such as finance, education, transportation, and government, we will create end-to-end solutions for data access, and realize the front-end imperceptible. Data flows freely.

Under the current Chinese economic and social environment, the Xinchuang industry is far from being satisfied with the change from 0 to 1 and from nothing, but requires a large number of “excellent students” such as XSKY from 1 to 10. , it is possible to fully open up the upgrade path of localization from the overall perspective, not only in the field of the party, government and military.

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