Skyworth apologizes for introducing LG’s rollable OLED TV as its own

China's Skyworth has apologized to LG Electronics for unveiling LG's rollable OLED TV as its own product during a live-streamed presentation at CES 2021.    

Rollable OLED

Last year at CES 2020, Skyworth announced the start of its global expansion with a $3600 wallpaper OLED TV. It did not materialize. This year at CES 2021, the company introduced LG's rollable OLED TV as its own product. The Chinese company has now issued an apology, adding that it "respect(s) all intellectual property rights". - "Skyworth USA Corporation misused an LG Rollable OLED TV image in the Skyworth TV CES 2021 livestreaming presentation and mistakenly introduced it as part of our 'Innovative Skyworth OLED Products'. Skyworth TV acknowledges this improper use of the LG Rollable OLED TV image and wishes to reiterate that we respect all intellectual property rights. We have taken a series of proactive steps to resolve this with LG Electronics (LGE) as a matter of urgency and ensure that any similar instances will not occur in the future," the company said in a statement. LG Electronics is the only company that has commercialized a rollable TV whereas Samsung has commercialized flexible OLED displays for handheld devices.

Skyworth apologizes for introducing LG's rollable OLED TV as its own

The "Innovative Skyworth OLED" included in a live-streamed CES 2021 presentation is actually LG's

- Source: Skyworth via Advanced Television