Sony announces pricing for X95J, Z9J, X85J & 75/100" X90J LCD TVs

8K is getting even more expensive and Sony's 100-inch X90J will cost 20,000 dollars. Sony also announced pricing details for its X95J and X85J LCD models.    

Sony 2021 LCD TV prices

Z9J is Sony's new 8K model for 2021 but 8K is not getting any more approachable or attractive. The company is increasing its starting price ($8000 for 75 inches vs. $7000 in 2020) and there is a continued dearth of 8K content. Not even YouTube's 8K streaming is supported on Sony's 8K TVs. Sony's 100-inch X90J (US only) will cost $20,000. The company also announced pricing for its X95J and X85J ranges of 4K LCD TVs, following OLED TVs pricing last month. We refer to the table below for the full overview. You can use the compare tool in the TV Database to compare TVs from Sony and other brands. You can also learn more about the new features in Sony's 2021 TVs here.

Sony announces pricing for X95J, Z9J, X85J & 75/100" X90J LCD TVs

Sony X90J 4K LCD

Sony's refreshed LCD models will compete with LCD TVs from the likes of LG, Samsung, and TCL who will all transition to miniLED-based zone dimming in this year's high-end models. The big news from Sony is HDMI 2.1 support. However, VRR and ALLM will require a firmware update. Some of Sony's 2021 TVs are available now for pre-order in the US through Amazon and other authorized dealers. The 100-inch X90J as well as Z9J and X95J will be available to pre-order this summer, the company said.

Sony 2021 TVs – launch prices

- Source: Sony