Sony’s 2021 LCD TVs are now available

Sony has been rolling out a full line-up of upgraded LCD TVs in Europe and North America over the last couple of weeks. Notable features include Google TV, HDMI 2.1, and Bravia Core streaming.    

2021 Sony LCD TVs

From X80J to Z9J, Sony has a comprehensive line-up of 43- to 85-inch LCD TVs with 4K or 8K resolution. There is even 100-inch X90J model, which will start showing up in the US this month. Sony's mid-range X80J and X85J as well as high-end X90J have been rolling out over the last couple of weeks and are now available in most regions. Sony's flagship LCD TVs, X95J and Z9J (8K), have started to appear in some countries and will be more widely available soon.

Sony's 2021 LCD TVs are now available

The company is highlighting features like 'Cognitive Processor XR' and the new Bravia Core video streaming service that is reserved for 2021 models. Sony's new models come preinstalled with Google TV and most models offer HDMI 2.1 ports and features, although VRR will once again require a firmware update. Also read: Sony 2021 TV line-up Unlike some of its competitors, Sony has not implemented miniLED backlight in its new LCD TVs but from X90J and up you are still getting local dimming technology. We refer to the table below for specifications and prices.

Sony 2021 LCD line-up – dealers & prices