South Korean chip factory is exposed to DRAM product defects, 240,000 chips may be destroyed

According to foreign media reports, recently it was reported that SK Hynix’s memory chips had quality problems, which were dissatisfied by customers such as Ali, Tencent, and HPE. 240,000 memory chips have been scrapped, worth 2 trillion won, or about 114 yuan. .5 billion. Once the news was released, it aroused great concern in the industry.

In response, SK hynix said that some of its products do have defects, but the defect rate is at a normal level, and the specific scale and causes are still being analyzed.

SK hynix mentioned in the statement, “We can confirm that some of the DRAM products produced are defective. We are currently talking with customers affected by this to solve the problem. However, according to preliminary estimates, we do not think the loss will be too large, Because the defect is within the normal detection range for quality problems.”

However, SK hynix said that the 240,000 memory chips mentioned in the rumors were false numbers. “The scale of the loss of memory chips mentioned in the rumors is obviously not true, and the number is extremely exaggerated.” SK hynix said that it has called the police for investigation. Fake news sources.

Statistics show that in the global memory market, SK Hynix, Samsung and Micron have become the three giants, together accounting for more than 95% of the world’s production capacity. SK hynix’s production capacity is about 1.8 million wafers per month, of which about 80% are DRAM-specific wafers. Since the end of last year, the downward trend of DRAM memory market prices has stopped. Under the influence of unexpected factors such as power outages, fires and other unexpected factors, shortages and price increases have occurred again. core shortage” crisis.

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